Version 251d-beta
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Paint & Accessorize

hundreds of amazing items to collect, mix, and match

Performing Parts

improve your truck with engines, nitro tanks, and more!

Eat. Drink. Buff.

boost your progress on the road with some tasty buffs

Tune In, Rock Out

DJ Stevenson, live on The Semi, taking calls and spinning tracks

Events, Events, Events

random surprises around every corner, take a detour and explore

Roll The Dice

gamble your life away or hit the jackpot and then gamble your life away anyways

Upgrades For Days

improve your truck and build it up to suit your playstyle

Nitro Boost

need for speed? wait for the nitro tank to fill up and it‘s time to-- HOLY SH****T

Scrap In, Scrap Out

don‘t want paint or parts? scrap em, then spend scrap to buy more

Crack Crates

what‘s inside? parts? paint? cash? everything?

No Ads Or Shady Sh*t

the game is free to play and free of hot garbage or shady business practices

Endless Play

can‘t stop won‘t stop. truck life is an immortal life

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*we will not sell your information. ever.