Something has gone horribly, horribly wrong

When we started this project, it never occurred to us that maybe we should like, make sure the scope didn‘t get completely blown because we both have a tendency to add features on features on features. Oh hey, here’s an idea: Let’s create problems then pat ourselves on the back for finding solutions. That‘s a thing we do a lot. We‘re pretty dumb.

Anyways, we finally got a handle on our scope again. And the game is playable. And that’s Dan’s fault.

Thanks bud.

The Maiden Voyage

Howdy folks,
Your friendly neighborhood game development team here, and we’re excited to get you guys playing in our closed beta! If you’ve got a beta account, cherish it. Well, don’t cherish it too much as we might reset your progress in an update. Not on purpose, of course but for totally valid reasons ya dingus.

Love and cheese,
Also please be gentle with the feedback form,
Mike and Dan