Leaderboards, Multiplayer, and More

Hey Truckfriends,

It’s about that time. Not the scheduled time. Just a time, when we did things. These things:

  • We’re working on the leaderboards that you’ve frequently requested. Jk you guys. They are totally f*cking there right next to the feedback button. Go ahead, take a look.
  • Chat is a hell of a lot better (we love you, Mike). It’s faster. It’s lightweight. It’s beautiful.
  • We had to wipe the chat log, because of upgrades. That being said, go say things about our game or tell us about your cats. Whatever.
  • If you’re on the Play page, you’ll notice in the upper left near the beta version, players online are shown. Real-time. Really.
  • We’ve built the foundation for multiplayer, so get ready for things like community events (with rewards) and other exciting things to come…

That’s it for this bonus labor day patch. We had to keep things hush-hush, but every week we get a little closer to our goal: making millions of dollars making our players happy.

Seriously though, thanks everyone. We’ll keeping trucking. Please do the same.

Be Chill to Each Other,

Dan. Mike.