Still Truckin’

Hi Truckers,

If you’re anything like me, I’m sorry, but also you might have been wondering why there haven’t been any updates since the MEGA PATCH in October. Well, there’s a reason for that; the Steam version. Mike has been going hard the last few months gutting multiplayer code, optimizing for desktop, and other things that only make sense to Mike and he’s not here right now so I’m doing my best.

As most of our current players know, our goal started with an 800×600 version of the game designed specifically for Kongregate, a gaming portal/publisher that stopped accepting game submissions literally the same week we intended on pitching to them.  This left us with a few other options, but we decided to publish the game ourselves and host everything on our end. We also introduced multiplayer with live chat and multiple channels, a gifting system, DMs, and leaderboards. Eventually we decided this was too much to moderate and wanted to focus exclusively on the single player experience which is exactly what we did all the way up to the 10/15 build aka MEGA PATCH.

After that patch, we needed to focus on a standalone version that we could publish on Steam. This has required a lot of work and big props to Mike for powering through. There’s also a decent amount of work on the design side, but the heavy lifting is on dev. We’re getting close now. Mike has made some massive strides in the last few months which means this blog will be more focused on the Steam release status and less on the game itself because as a two-man army we have to focus on what’s feasible. This doesn’t mean the game won’t get updates after we launch, but our priority is a silky smooth single player experience on your desktop (much like Cookie Clicker). Also, to avoid microtransactions, paywalls, and other shady tactics we want to sell the game on Steam, fully “unlocked” for a minimal price point.

Thanks for sticking around and being patient while we get this release wrapped up. We’ll keep you posted.

Still Truckin’ (Steam Edition),

Dan & Mike