Upcoming Patch

Hi Truckers,

We know it’s been a bit since the last patch, what with Mike moving into a new place, my upcoming move, and constantly adding to our list of things we want in this mega patch because we still can’t afford to hire a project manager to tell us to stop. This patch will be focused primarily on tuning, but with a handful of huge changes as well that we’ve (mostly) mentioned in the previous posts. We thought it’d be a good idea to compile everything into one post to provide transparency and get people pumped for the next update. With that, let’s get into it.

Over the last month+ we’ve been playing through the game a lot, tuning, and revisiting. This has been a generally fun process because we weirdly like playing our own game but at times a frustrating one as well. Some needed changes were obvious, while others were sneaky bastards hiding among the dozen systems that all need to play well together. We also revisited a handful of things that have gone pretty much untouched since the beginning of time. We’ll start with the big(ger) changes:

  • Collectables now spawn on a set timer, every time
  • Clovers now reduce the collectable spawn timer
  • Gold and Upgrades are now persistent — they will not reset when reaching a new level

We’ve been testing these change extensively and the game is objectively better, but we also needed to approach tuning. A lot of tuning. Like so much f$#@ing tuning:

  • Upgrades are more expensive now that they’re persistent
  • Route cash rewards have been reduced
  • Buff timers start at 20 minutes, up from 10
  • Fleet pricing has been reduced across the board
  • Fleet drivers level up faster
  • Fleet progress (crate) requirements have been heavily reduced
  • Fleet Total Progress bar label has been changed to actual progress numbers
  • Offline progress cap has been reduced
  • Goal part rewards have been reduced
  • Loot tables have been reeled in; higher tier parts will be more rare
  • Crafting recipes will now sort by type in the ALL list — this will make new recipes easier to find
  • Rare crafting pieces will now drop more often
  • Scrapyard upgrade prices heavily reduced
  • Collectable goal requirements have been reduced to 3/5/7 down from 5/10/15 etc
  • A whole bunch of bug fixes after we broke everything (again)

In addition to all of these things, we’re also going to be adding a Reset button available in the options (stats) menu where you can simply reset/wipe your current progress and start from the beginning. Maybe you beat the game and you just want to play again because why wouldn’t you this is the best game ever made according to our moms. Or maybe you rolled a bunch of garbage loot and chose your upgrades poorly on level 1 and you want to try again.  Either way, you should be able to do that without having to request we do that for you on our end, so we’ll get that in the next patch. Probably.

Lastly, and this is a big one; once this patch goes live and nothing bursts into flames we’re going to be focusing less on tuning and more on a standalone version of the game. It’s a big undertaking but a necessary one. In short, you can play the game offline. You don’t have to connect to our servers and everything will be saved locally. Also we don’t have to pay for servers, which is nice.

So when the hell is this patch going live? Well, we’re not sure yet. My life is going to get messy for the next few weeks as I’m moving to a new spot in the most complicated way possible, while Mike is still getting settled in and juggling a thousand other things. We’re super pumped to get this thicc boi live though, and we’ll continue to update you as we make progress. If you want to make us cry we still monitor and respond in Discord, otherwise just keep on truckin’ while we get the mega patch wrapped up.


Dan & Mike