Weekly Update: Back in Action

Hi Truckers,

Hope y’all had a nice holiday, or maybe just some bonus time off while other people were having a nice holiday. As I mentioned in the previous post, we took some downtime over the holidays but we’re back in action per the title. This is gonna be a short post, due to the aforementioned downtime, but also a reminder that we’re testing and finalizing Fleet as we speak. Once that’s done it’s on to building out the endgame content, knocking out some outstanding bugs, and getting the balance just right for your trucking pleasure.

With STL’s inevitable 2022 release, we want to thank everyone that has been supportive on this ridiculous journey. We know some of you (yep, we still read the chat) have declared this a dead game but I can assure you STL is far from dead. Since the last build, we’ve reworked the entire UI, built a local client with an installer, rebuilt the backend, added a mini game (in testing), rebalanced loot tables, doubled ascensions with an overhauled reward track, tripled the amount of buffs, stripped MTX out almost completely, added over a dozen recipes, balanced crafting requirements, killed leaderboards and other multiplayer functionality, and more.

With 2022 arriving in a few days we’ll be working our fuzzy dice off to get everything live as soon as we can, and we’ll update you every step of the way. Until then, Happy New Years and be safe out there.

New Year New Us,

Dan & Mike