Weekly Update: Fleet II

Hi Truckers,

We’re posting a brief (no, really) update this week, as we’re still working on/testing the Fleet backend but we’ve made solid progress and deliberated a lot (a lot, a lot) on balance and maintaining a simple approach with hidden depth. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Fleet unlocks after your first ascension
  • Driver level cap is 100
  • Drivers have two stats: Power & Income
  • Power determines how fast drivers complete a “route” (loop)
  • Income determines their contribution to the crate progress on completion
  • Every time a Driver levels up, they’ll receive +1 to both stats
  • Fleet will start slow, then ramp up to much faster crate production as you ascend
  • Fleet is both the first mini-game and the end-game mini-game

As I mentioned in the previous post, the mini-games and quality of life will unlock in the following order: Fleet, Track, Scrapyard, Drone, Unlimited Buffs, Endless Road.

In related news, Mike decided to selfishly almost die after receiving a booster shot which slightly derailed our progress and the latter is the most important part of this sentence. Way to be responsible, Mike.

Hopefully by next week Fleet will be in the testing phase assuming the booster shot doesn’t turn me into a naked blue superhero that can bend time and space at will which I’m not convinced won’t happen.


Mike & Dan*