Weekly Update: Travel & Offline Progress

Hi Truckers,

Apologies for the one day delay but you know how sometimes it be like it do, right? Totally. Anyways it’s easy to forget to do things you’re supposed to do when you’re too invested in things you’re also supposed to do. Multitasking is hard. Those other things, though, are pretty exciting so please allow this information to be my formal apology for being an entire day late.

We’re working on travel and offline progress, as the title implies. This means we’ll be tracking progress in real-time once this is done and also allows us to calculate offline progress as a result. This is the second to final step before we do a major balance/polish pass on the game and push it into the next phase; early access! For those of you that have been getting straight up destroyed by the overuse of betas and alphas and omegas and early access and 1.0 and whatever the hell else the game industry has used to say “we’re not done yet,” let me explain…

Closed beta is essentially a limited invitation play test beyond the alpha. Things are likely broken, in the early stages of development, and hardly feature-complete.

Open beta is what happens when more players are invited to break things that are slightly less broken, further in development, and mostly feature-complete (depending on the game). This is our current state.

Early Access is feature complete, but not content complete, and there will be the occasional bugs. This is our current goal.

The last two steps in order to reach EA are quite simple; travel needs to be tracked in real time, offline progress needs to exist, and the game needs a massive sweep to make sure it feels the way we intended to feel and I think the use of italics really drive home the feel I’m going for.

This is not going to be a short, simple process but it’s a big one. Mike and I have already made quite a bit of progress but this is going to take time. I will absolutely keep ya’ll updated every week as we’ve always done unless we totally miss a day which has never happened. Regardless, hopefully by next week we can share more details or screens or whatever can keep the hype train (truck) on the rails.

Until then, thanks for playing, your support, and the other stuff I usually include which makes it awkward for everyone.

Truck On,

Dan / Mike