Boom. We did it. A day earlier than anticipated too, nbd.

Build 229 is live, Truckers! With this (first) patch there are quite a few changes, so buckle up something something truck puns.

We admit we didn’t do what we said we’d do in the previous post, because we totally did more than that.


  • Routes have increased in length individually
  • Routes have increased in length per ascension
  • The bug where paint/parts are removed or replaced has been fixed
  • The bug where scrap is spent at the vending machine but nothing is received has been fixed
  • Collectibles have been improved across the board; lower and slower with bigger hitboxes
  • Vending machine layout more homogenous, also more obvious it takes scrap, not cash
  • Nitro tank now displays % and status (READY, EMPTY) to alleviate confusion
  • Nitro tank refill upgrade is now working correctly
  • Truck Stop button should no longer stay pressed
  • After finishing a route, buttons will stay pressed until the next route begins
  • Optimization: Memory leaks should be reduced (performance issues over time)
  • Optimization: Background animation should be smoother, reduced stuttering
  • Website: You can now type in the chat window before/without clicking Play in the game window
  • Mike is 32% more handsome in the face area
  • Dan is 16% more likely to die from dehydration

Oh and also we totally reset your progress, including your parts, but you kept your paints so keep your paints on. 

Lastly, we’ve awarded all players with (3) starting crates instead of the standard (1) as a show of thanks for your patience and continued support. Truck on!

Ya Bois,
Dan & Mike