What’s up mother truckers. We’re going to patch the game this Saturday. Just thought you should know.

Assuming everything goes as planned, this is what’s happening in Build 229:

  • Routes have been rebalanced. Many of you have requested they be longer. Agreed.
  • The “where’d my shit go” bug has been addressed and fixed (parts uninstalling, paints vanishing, resets, etc).
  • Collectibles (floaty bois) have been lowered, speed has been significantly reduced, and hitboxes have been increased.
  • It should be more obvious that the Vending Machine in the Diner takes scrap, not cash. Our bad.
  • Nitro now displays a percentage to make it more obvious when it’s ready. We’ve also added a visual effect.
  • Nitro refill upgrades weren’t doing anything. Now they do something (shout out to Goobles for testing this extensively).
  • Truck Stop issues with the button staying down should no longer be an issue.
  • You can no longer open crates after leaving the warehouse, you must wait until you transition to the next route.

We should probably mention that this patch is going to RESET YOUR PROGRESS AND PARTS. However, we’re going to let you keep your beloved paints. Don’t worry.

Keep in mind moving forward resets will be relatively common in these patches in order to properly balance and optimize the game.

As always, much love and thanks for playing! Keep the feedback coming!

Ya Bois,

Mork & Dane