Build 238i is Live!

Hi Truckers,

For our first official Open Beta patch (excluding the hot fix we pushed a week ago) we wanted to do something a little… extra. Ya’ll gave us a ton of great feedback, from bug reports to feature requests to quality of life ideas. Thanks for that. In return, we went hard for our first patch and tackled 4 or 5 things. Then another 10 or so. Mike actually might be dead; I haven’t heard from him in a few hours. Check it:


  • Game client is 15% of its original size
  • Play page memory (RAM) usage reduced by 75%
  • Play page provides more feedback on loading and loading bar should be a bit smoother
  • Improved leaderboard caching to reduce database load


  • Buffs can now be refreshed; you no longer need to wait for them to expire to repurchase
  • Event buffs can also be refreshed
  • Track betting payout increased from 3x to 5x.  Betting is still 1,000 scrap but you can win 5,000
  • Slowed down collectibles and added an outline to help with accessibility and visibility respectively
  • Scrolling speed increased on lists — scrollbars should feel more responsive
  • Forums have been replaced with our new Discord (details below)
  • Increased the cash reward for Endless Routes by 10x the current amount
  • Game now saves every 50 miles to help with desync issues — previously 100 miles

Bug Fixes

  • Special thanks to Spooble for being an ethical and helpful hacker — leaderboards have been fixed… for now 😉
  • Chat box character limit is now 255 and will restrict you from trying to type more (and losing the message)
  • Tweaked probabilities on crate rarity levels; fixed edge cases where some players experienced unintended odds
  • Endless Road: fixed bug where after the first route you would get a black screen. Goes on endlessly now
  • Endless Road: 45k mile routes are now 50k, as originally intended
  • Endless Road: fixed a bug that would drop you in Ice Town after ascending the second time
  • Fixed a bug where the Endless Road map would show after your first ascension
  • Track winnings now sync properly
  • Vending machine button states (up, down) now properly reflect the price and your current scrap
  • Fixed environmental sound bug where you still hear the diner or garage after leaving is fixed
  • The in-game ready-to-Ascend panel will now show proper rewards per Ascension
  • Probably other things we forgot we did because just look at all this shit

While we’re confident the optimization alone should make your Truck Lives™  a lot better, we went ahead and smashed a “few” other things on the list. Let us know what you think!

Forums have been removed. In the shortest terms, we felt they weren’t a good fit for the play page. A little sluggish, unwieldy, and arguably antiquated; the exact opposite of what we want the user experience to be on the play page. That’s why we put together a boosted Discord server instead. You can join by hitting this link.

That’s it for now. Thanks again for all your feedback, support, and patience in the Open Beta.

Truckers for Life,

Mike & Dan