Welcome to the Scrapyard (and More)!

Hi Truckers,

We’re back again with another big boi update that all of you had no idea you were totally waiting for, hopefully. I think I said that pretty well. We’re wrapping up our second week of Open Beta and things have been smooth as butter. Not like, the spreadable butter but more like the butter your partner/roommate insists doesn’t need to be refrigerated even though it clearly says “refrigerate” on the packaging. So like, mostly smooth butter once you cut through that weird crystallized crust. It’s been pretty smooth, is all I’m saying.

Last week, we dropped a beast of a patch in celebration of the Open Beta launch and to address more pressing optimization/compatibility issues. Then we dropped a whole bunch of other stuff on top because why not. While we didn’t want to necessarily set the standard that we’d be dropping massive patches every week we just did it again because we don’t know how the f#@& to stay in scope.

We’ll start by introducing the brand new Scrapyard! The Scrapyard is the easiest, laziest way to earn Scrap on or offline. That’s right, this not only introduces offline progress but this new layer of idle mechanics has its own upgrade system as well! Just click the new nav item (Scrapyard) to get started:

In addition to this massive feature that basically took like no time at all we’ve also included Player Profiles! You can now click on your friend’s name in the friends list to view their truck, ascension level, and even their parts! Check out your friends parts:

Looking good, Mike. Your engine sucks btw.

But wait, there’s more. We’ve also added 12 more paints. Yes, 12, because we decided that over 250 of them was insufficient. Enjoy this sneak peek:

Ok, just one more thing and I’ll let you read the entirety of the patch notes in boring bullet format. We also decided to add a new Radio Station! Introducing Rad Radio, the raddest 80s themed station you can totally veg out to in a bodacious way. Tubular, etc.

Thanks for your time. Onto the full list:


  • Wallet/travel caching has been tweaked to reduce slow server responses (thanks Litany Of Fire & STONEEATER for the heads up)!
  • Reduced inventory load issues — this includes things like opening a crate or loading inventory while Gifting
  • Doubled database horsepower. Response times and sync across the board should improve dramatically


  • The Scrapyard
  • Friends: Profiles have been added! Just click on your friend’s name in the list and you can see their truck, parts, and ascension level
  • Friends: Pending section has been moved above the friends list to provide better visibility when a request is pending
  • 12 new Paints have been added
  • New Radio Station: Rad Radio
  • Carousel (lower right ad space): No longer has a static text link to the Shop
  • Carousel: Now rotates every 30 seconds — up from 15 — in order to be less distracting
  • Carousel: Links to Discord and News/Updates have been added to the rotation to minimize ads and provide helpful info

Bug Fixes

  • A few minor, annoying bugs (you may not have noticed) were squashed

That’s “all” for now you beautiful bastards. Thanks again for all your feedback, and for playing whatever the hell this thing is. We look forward to adding more content, loot, rewards, features, mini-games, and multiplayer elements in the near future. As always, your patience and support is super appreciated! Also please tell your friends to give us a try, even if they don’t refrigerate butter 😉

Can’t Stop Won’t Stop,