Hot Fix 1

Hi Truckers,

As you know, we went live a few days ago and things have been awesome. Awesome to the point that instead of a handful of new players we received approximately 1,000 and things may or may not have exploded in some places. It’s a good problem to have, if you’re going to have problems, but we’ve been listening, prioritizing, and working hard to get a hot fix that will alleviate a few issues.

First off, we know the radio is an issue right now. It is causing some nasty performance spikes and requiring a substantial (initial) download. We have a solution, but it’s going to take more than today to knock out.

However, we’ve noticed the leaderboards have gone way over the anticipated numbers which is constantly updated. This is causing a ton of lag, potential desyncs, and delaying the hell out of chat. This patch will alleviate those issues, but we’ve still got a long road to go, so thanks for all your support and patience! We’ve also built some roles in chat for future mods and tools in case some of yall wanna be bad bois and gurls. Feel free to check the forums to discuss, read known issues, and see where STL is headed!

Lastly, we’re completely floored by the amount of new players and support we’ve received. Yall are amazing.

Back to Work,