Open Beta is Live

Hi Truckies,

You read that right. After months of production, discussions, drugs and combing through your amazing feedback we’ve finally hit Open Beta, just in time for Christmas.

For now, if you have an existing account, feel free to get back in the game with the same login info you used in the Closed Beta. If you’re new here, we’ll be accepting new sign ups next week (check the blog for updates). We’re going to use the next few days to make sure that nothing explodes horribly. Which it won’t. Probably.

If you are a returning player, you’ll notice a few new things. Somewhere in our sprint we couldn’t quite lock down an introduction to the new site, but we hope we’ve built it intuitively. If you get a little lost or confused, feel free to use the forums or ask in chat. The forums are now built into the same page, so you don’t have to leave. They’ve also been updated considerably to provide a cleaner, more approachable user experience. The chat is now part of the page as well and will always be visible; we’ve removed the need to switch between tabbed items to see chat.

And that is the longest I’ve gone in a paragraph without making a joke and I didn’t care for it. The point is, there’s a lot of new shit to explore. New features, experiences, content, systems, and an emphasis on making friends or bribing them with gifts or a little friendly competition on the leaderboards. It’s really up to yall, which is kind of the whole point.

Although, this post wouldn’t be complete without that thing we do where things get weird and emotional because we gush over our amazing players/friends/family (you can be more than one thing). Yall have been amazing. This game is not the Dan and Mike show, but an amalgamation of every skill we can put to work and the feedback that molds it into something so much better. I  mean that last part is definitely subjective, so maybe it’s still garbage. But the point is it’s our garbage. What I’m saying is we made garbage together and we’re really proud of you guys.

Seriously though, we love yall and thank you all your support. We hope you love the game you helped us make and we look forward to making it bigger and better in the days ahead. Oh, and Happy Holidays.

Your BFFs,

Dan & Mike