Hotfix: Rooks/Lighters & More

Hi Truckers,

So, uh, look, about last night. Our intention was to simply introduce a massive feature (Crafting) and we totally did. It even worked exactly as intended so that’s pretty cool.

What we also did is introduce a few bugs that gave ya’ll mother f’ing hyperthrusters when equipping a measly rook and/or lighter. Some of you went so god damn fast in the first 10 minutes of playing you managed to travel back in time. As a result, this skewed baseline data, leaderboard results, and negated the purpose of resetting progress. To put it less technically; it absolutely f$@#ed things up.

We’ve fixed the major bugs in this totally minor mistake that could have absolutely happened to anyone even us because it did happen to us, but also some bonus fixes as a result (something something silver lining). Also, since we felt really, really bad about having to reset the progress again after ya’ll basically had a night of active cheat codes, we’ve decided to start you with 3 crates instead of one, and we’ve added a new item to the game you’ll now start with — the Jester topper. You’re welcome (?). Anyways, here’s what we did:

  • Looted Rooks/Lighters no longer provide ludicrous power
  • Lighter rarity colors have been resolved
  • Environmental audio has been reduced (66%)
  • Radio audio has been reduced (33%)
  • Scrapyard: unlock button will no longer be available if you don’t have the scrap
  • All / Ready filters in Crafting will now filter depending on your pieces
  • New Recipes reward feature added to Ascension panels (at the bottom)

Your progress will be reset with this patch. Sorry again; this is why we Beta!

Totally Not Our Fault,

Dan | Mike