Crafting is Live!

Hi Truckers,

Roughly a month ago, we mentioned Crafting. Then we mentioned it a few more times. Today, we’re going to mention it again because we did it, damnit; we finally finished the first version of Crafting and we can’t wait for you to Smash the hell out of some Parts/Paints, unlock Recipes, and build some fancy gear! Or just yell at us and tell us Crafting is stupid and dumb and give us ways to make it better. That’s cool too. And since we don’t half-ass anything, we’re launching this new feature with almost 60 Recipes. Damn!

As a reminder, your progress will be reset with this update. Anything you purchased in the Shop will be retained.

Here’s a quick summary:

  • Crafting has been added to the left nav
  • You can Smash (not Scrap) Parts/Paints in Storage to get Pieces
  • Filter and find Recipes in Crafting
  • Craft Parts/Paints with Pieces
  • Unlock new Recipes with Ascensions
  • Profit (somehow?)


  • Hover your cursor over a Piece for more info (where it drops, etc)
  • Some pieces are more rare than others when smashing Parts/Paints
  • Some recipes are only available after you ascend
  • Some pieces can only be obtained after you ascend

And before you ask, yes, some Recipes craft Parts with multiple effects. You asked for it; enjoy!

We are aware of some inconsistencies in labels and formatting — we’re working on it.

Feel free to provide as much Feedback as you like; we’ll be listening! Once Crafting v1 is locked down based on any needed fixes/tuning, we’ll be working on balance/polish and additional Ascensions in the near future. Right after we take a quick whiskey nap.

Sleepy Bois,