That’s right kids, launch day is upon us. We’re stoked, and we’re tired as shit. After almost two years of blood and sweat and Drizly we’re finally ready to pull the trigger on the closed beta.

It’s a strange thing, building a video game and releasing it into the wild. It’s like raising a kid, then sending them to their first day of school but like right before they board the bus you realize you forgot to pack their lunch and you start running after the bus but then your dad-robes open up and now you’re a naked man in his 40s chasing down a school bus anyways I’m not good at analogies but the point is we worked really hard on this and we really, really hope you enjoy it.

You see, normally Mike would be here to provide some much-needed direction to this post but he isn’t, because we decided to double down on requirements two days before the beta and he’s currently drowning in code. And that’s kind of the point; Super Truck Life is the result of two idiots busting their plums for two years on a passion project about driving a truck across a fake world while making numbers bigger. It’s hot nonsense, and we’re proud of it. Much love and thank you to everyone that’s been so supportive and encouraging throughout this process. We appreciate the hell out of yall, including you about-to-be-beta testers.

In a few hours, give or take a few hours, you’ll receive an email (if you’re on our list) with login credentials. Once you log in you’ll have access to everything on the site; most importantly, the game itself. We’re looking forward to your feedback and you’re all very handsome and smart etc but I’ll save more details until we’ve actually launched.

See you soon, mother truckers.