Approximately 10 hours ago we went live. Ten hours later, I realized I should probably update the blog. Yeah, that happened. You know what else happened? Where do I start.

When we opened the doors to Super Truck Life, it wasn’t an easy decision. Exciting, hell yes, but equally terrifying. I imagine this is how most developers feel. Granted, you could interpret this entire statement as pretentious or melodramatic. Maybe it’s both. Maybe it’s not. What I can tell you is that after two years without criticism or acclaim your game is both a thing of potential nightmares and inexplicable victory. I compared it in an earlier post to chasing a school bus naked or some crazy shit that is not going to help us out with SEO, but I stand behind that analogy in terms of emotional accuracy.

We opened the doors to approximately 50 testers. Family, friends, fellow gamers, and that one dude that you totally bonded with in Discord one night over a fifth of Jameson because that’s how friendships work according to idiots. The point is, there was a pretty impressive influx of people, and a steady trickle beyond that throughout the night, and damn son, it was insightful. When you spend two years in a vacuum smelling your own proverbial farts it’s weird how much insight you’ve missed out on. On top of that, I can say with absolute confidence and minimal flex that the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Not only that, but from a technical standpoint, mad props to my boy Mike because not only did we encounter literally zero server issues, but the bug reports were minimal and/or already on our radar. Dope.

We’ve received invaluable input thus far. I’m well aware how cliche it is to stand up here on a virtual podium that no one invited me to for an event that doesn’t exist and tell the fans how we couldn’t do it without them, but the difference is we literally can’t. You matter. You have already solved a few issues we spent months discussing in said vacuum I mentioned earlier. There was an actual moment on a call tonight when Mike and I said “this is why we need players. We’ve been talking about that for months.” Done and done. What we’re saying is thanks, ya’ll.  Seriously. Keep that feedback coming. Use the button in the chat module or the forums if it requires a bit more explanation/discussion but seriously — let’s go.

The future of Super Truck Life is an endless road. We know what we want to do, we’re listening, and we’re not going to stop until — ever. I guess. Turns out our Roadmap doesn’t really have an end date. Can’t stop won’t stop. Except right now. It’s 2:30AM, and I could use some sleep. I’ll be back; keep your eyes focused on the road until then.

Much love, mother truckers.