MTX & More

Hi Truckers,

As you know, we pushed a patch this past Friday instead of this Tuesday since Mike is out of town, focused primarily on balance. For Friday’s patch, we rebuilt the Shop which I will no longer refer to as “MTX” (microtransactions) considering there aren’t any. The only purchasable item in the shop is “Buy the Game,” which includes 7 exclusive paint packs, auto nitro, and a cheat menu which gives you the option of unlimited scrap, cash, pieces (crafting), and teleportation. This is a one-time purchase and technically the only thing you can buy because we’re bad at making money. Seriously though, the Shop has undergone a handful of iterations over the years until we finally landed on no microtransactions, and combining all previous available purchases into one easily navigable item. This also changed the layout of the shop panel itself, and now fits snugly in the 800×600 main game area like the rest of the panels which not only looks gravy, but helps avoid breaking immersion.

For those of you that already bought something in our shop since the beginning will have to purchase the game again just kidding — if you’ve spent more than 0 dollars on STL at any point in the history of STL, you’ll own the “Buy the Game” package. If you run into any issues or don’t see it as “owned” when accessing the shop, give us a heads up and we’ll dig into your account.

Moving forward, we’ve got a few more bugs to smash, an official STL trailer to build, and some balance changes on the horizon, and then it’s all about ongoing tweaks and fixes for STL while we pivot our focus to our second game (more on that in the near future).

Thanks again for the feedback, support, and love y’all have shown us over the years which is a really weird thing to say considering neither of us expected this project to go on that long, but damn it’s been worth it.

No Ragrets,

Dan & Mike