Fleet, Scrapyard, & Routes Balance

Hi Truckers,

Another Tuesday, another patch. This week, we took a hard look at balance and made some pretty big changes based both on your feedback and items collecting digital dust on the backburner:

  • Reduced Scrapyard income
  • Reduced Scrapyard capacity
  • Increased Scrapyard upgrade cost
  • Increased Fleet crate reward requirements
  • Reduced route lengths across the board

I know some of you are going to see this as mostly a nerf patch, because it mostly is, but there’s a method to the madness so allow me to explain. First, Scrapyard was relatively easy to max all upgrades by Ascension 4, which was never our intention considering Scrapyard doesn’t even unlock until Ascension 3. It also works offline, which means you could potentially rake in millions of scrap within a few days. Thanks again to Pylot_Kwis who provided screenshots confirming this. With this nerf we tried not to over correct and find a fun balance between value in upgrades and income without ya know, breaking the game. Let us know how it feels or if you’re really upset about it it’s totally Mike’s fault.

Next on the list, a simple change to Fleet makes crate income less frequent by extending the progress requirement. At max level, what we intended to be a steady trickle of supplemental crate income became a noticeable firehose, effectively diluting the value of crates and route progression in general similar to the maxed out Scrapyard.

Speaking of routes, this was the opposite of a nerf; all routes from your first ascension and beyond have been reduced quite a bit. This means less grind, more crates (and rewards), and faster progression in general. Not only will this offset the above nerfs a bit, but it should make the entire experience a lot more meaningful and rewarding. That being said, as always we’re leaving it to our amazing players to make fun of us and/or provide feedback until we get this shit “right.”

Let us know what you think of these new changes and feel free to make suggestions on Discord. This week we’ll be working on fine tuning the shop layout and functionality, locking down the STL trailer, and updating the website because seriously it’s been like 2 years.

Nerf Squad (Mostly),

Dan & Mike