Weekly Update: Alerts & Offline Coming Next Week

Hi Truckers,

Short post this week, for reasons. We get that the “coming next week” part of the title excited you slightly less than if it wasn’t there at all, but we’re still ironing out a few bugs and tweaking balance (offline power, server timers, messaging). We’ve put an unreasonable amount of time into this patch so we want to make sure everything is delivered as intended. While we were hoping to release everything today according last week’s update, we also mentioned “no promises” because it turns out that spending a month developing features then less than a week testing them is a terrible idea.

That being said, there are a few reasons to get even more excited about next week. Since we probably don’t need the whole week of testing we might have a little bonus time to work on some extra polish/balance, especially if we decide to reset progress for this big boi patch. Either way, I’ll keep y’all posted and if it feels needed, post an update over the weekend with where we’re at.

Truck It,

Dan & Mike