Weekly Update: Overhaul, Alerts, & Offline Progress (In Testing!)

Hi Truckers,

That’s right, damnit. After over a month of planning and refactoring and consequently abusing our livers we’ve finally hit a huge milestone; the overhaul is almost complete, which includes offline progress. Here’s some of that sweet, sexy proof:

Yep, that’s real and a screenshot I took from our staging server a few minutes ago. Also, everything is now saving in real-time as I mentioned in the previous post. You can close the game at any time, and Cruise Control™ takes over until you return. When you do, that’s the screen you get.

We’re (see: Mike) also currently working through both the Server Shutting Down and Disconnected alerts which provide the player with even more delicious feedback:

While the copy isn’t quite finalized and I’m too lazy to change it for the blog post, the functionality almost is. These are all real screens. Really though.

You might find it suspicious at this point that I keep reiterating how real these very real screenshots are but that’s because I can barely believe it myself. A month ago we had desyncs and no alerts and we sure as hell didn’t have offline progress. Today we have real-time progress, all 3 alerts, and offline progress. It’s not all quite where it needs to be and we’ve discovered surprisingly few bugs, but we’re testing everything internally and holy shit you guys offline progress is a game changer. Literally, the game is different now.

Anyways, we’re aiming for next week to launch this bad Larry but no promises because if I promise you that the next blog post will be written by Mike and titled “Dan Died.” Beyond that, it’s all balance, polish, and content!

So Close We Can Taste it and it Tastes Like Jeff’s Sausages,