Weekly Update: Badge Rewards

Hi Truckers,

It’s been seven whole days since we last spoke, and we’ve missed ya’ll so here’s another update for you. Don’t worry, this one’s got pretty pictures because words are dumb. While Mike has been crying his way through the backend overhaul and Goals, I’m just over here doing basically nothing just kidding I haven’t slept in two days. Why? Crippling insomnia. Nah just messing with ya’ll (am I though) it’s because I’m working my nuts and bolts off on Badge Rewards!

Here at our two-man company and somewhere in our mission statement (if we actually had one) we always say things are better when you’re winning. While Badges (Achievements/Trophies/Nomenclature) are a pretty cool way to earn meta high fives for doing random things, we also think they should have purpose. There are achievement hunters out there for sure, but as Mike and I are not one of those people, we thought Badges needed another layer. So we gave them one. Dramatically introducing Badge Rewards:

Now you actually have a reason to earn those Badges outside of just impressing your friends as they pretend to get excited that you clicked a button six thousand times. With every Badge earned, your points increase. Every time you hit a milestone, you can claim your reward! Keep in mind, as always, things in that screenshot could change before it goes into production. The milestone rewards may be exclusive to this reward track, a “free” crate, or piles of cash. Either way, we hope this gets you excited to hit those numbers and claim what’s yours.

We’re still going hard on backend and Goals as well, and we’ll provide an update on both as soon as possible; we want do it right. Either way, we appreciate ya’ll playing and all of your feedback. Speaking of which, we still read your Discord and Chat messages every day. We know there are still lingering bugs and we’ve received a ton of feedback/ideas we’d love to implement. They’re on the list, so keep ’em coming. That’s all for now.

Something Something Clever Valediction,

Mike & Dan