Weekly Update: Mega Patch VII

Hi Truckers,

That’s right; it’s blog post time, and it’s gonna be a short one. But we miss your jokes and long-winded explanations, you say sarcastically. Well don’t worry because there isn’t much to talk about. We’ve managed to knock out almost everything on our remaining list. We’ve got 1 bug in the queue that Mike is super excited about, or in his words “I’m not super excited about” and that’s the end of the bugs. We’re also working on/have worked on optimization across the board, including a smoother experience while not physically setting your computer on fire due to resource demand. We’ve also added some polish to the overall experience, from stupid but necessary shit like wrapping buff timer text to scaling goal rewards by ascension. It’s about as exciting to read about as it is to design/code, but while we’re on the precipice of shipping Early Access, they’re all the final touches that need to be touched which is a weird way to phrase that.

With that out of the way, we’ve got a few weeks of final tweaks, and then it’s time to ship; a super simple procedure that’ll only monopolize an entire weekend of migration and testing and Drizly orders followed by inevitable Doordash orders because we got carried away on that first thing.

The point is, there’s light at the end of the route and it’s almost time to unleash whatever the hell this thing is into the world. If you’re reading this, and you’ve kept up with the blog/discord for some strange reason for over two years, you know that STL has evolved from a simple concept to a massive, majestic beast with a thousand moving parts and we hope like hell you’ll enjoy it as much as we (mostly) enjoyed making it. Now if you’ll excuse me (I wasn’t asking) I’m going to go play someone else’s video game with a belly full of bad decisions.


Dan & Mike