Weekly Update: Super Real Life

Hi Truckers,

As you know, we’re currently working on our last mega-feature: Goals. This will add some direction for new players, daily objectives for returning players, and a shiny new reward system that goes with it. Speaking of which, we’re also juggling the Badge points having (even more) purpose with their own rewards. Outside of the things that you see, Mike is still going hard on back end improvements and features as well. This includes resolving the desync issues across the board, pixel perfect camera (sharper game, background tearing), increasing load capacity, and other things smart kids understand whereas I just understand being cool and muscles.

While all of these things are very real and totally happening (how dare you), we also have real life things that sometimes be like they are and do when you least expect them to be them. I’m sure you understand. The point is this week has been a bit of Super Real Life and less the fun truck kind so we didn’t get the chance to smash like we usually do each week. Is smash the right word? Mike is usually here to make me sound less old so blame him. No cap (?).

As always, thanks for playing.

Dan & Mike