Weekly Update: Goals

Hi Truckies,

Super sick update time ya’ll. This week, we’re covering the next feature currently in the design phase; Goooaaals!

What are Goals, you ask? Wouldn’t know, I woke up at 2pm today. In STL, however, every 24 hours we’ll throw a few fun activities (Goals) your way. Knock ’em out and get rewarded for your efforts. Let’s take a look at the prototype:

Goals will be introduced just like a quest tracker in an MMO which would be a great comparison if you actually play MMOs. Clicking on a Goal provides a little more info, like opening a quest journal. If the conditions are met, claim your $#*t! Check out a few examples:

While Mike does nerd things like optimization, sys admin, and fixing thrilling bugs, I’ll be refining and tweaking Goals so they’re ready for dev.

Ok, so here’s the thing we’ve been waiting to announce for a long time now, which is kind of weird that I’m doing it so far down in this post, but only those of you that get this far will probably care so it kind of works itself out:

This is our last major feature.

The next thing we’ll be focusing on is Ascensions (content). Beyond that we have a lot of optimization, polish, and balance to get into. After that, marketing. Something something Endless Road pun but hey, progress. This truck isn’t stopping. We’ve got a long haul and every mile is a mile earned what am I even doing right now.

Relationship Goals,