Weekly Update: Travel & Offline Progress III

Hi Truckers,

Short update this week, but at least this one is on time so it balances out… right? We’re still working on the back-end overhaul. That’s it. Bye.

Just kidding. While Mike digs through the weeds or trudges through the swamps or whatever weird colloquialism you’re most comfortable with happens, I’ve started a spreadsheet for balance & polish in order to be ready to tackle it once the overhaul is complete. That way we won’t waste any time digging through coffee-stained notes and burnt-edged treasure maps trying to figure out just what in the f#@! we actually wanted to change. Throughout this project we’ve taken a lot of notes and had a lot of conversations and while we typically pounce on ideas we’re both overly stoked about, others fall by the wayside in some document where potentially good ideas go to die. Not this time, baby. This time we’ll have everything compiled into one place and Mike/Dan approved as our priority punch list. These are anything from balancing prices and rewards to UI tweaks to route lengths. It will almost certainly include adding sound effects and more radio stations as well. We’ve been dying to do a massive polish pass on the game for a while so we think it’s going to be kind of a big deal when we’re done.

That being said, while we’ll keep you updated each week, there may not be much to report until we get much closer to the overhaul completion. We’ve also discussed how our weekly updates are a lot especially by most game studio standards, but since we’re in full sprint we feel like these are necessary. Either way, I’ll let you know if/when that changes.

A Couple of Idioms,

Dan & Mike