Weekly Update: Travel & Offline Progress IV

Hi Truckers,

This week’s post is all about Roman Numerals, like that one in the title, which means “4.” As in the 4th post about this massive overhaul slog thing we’ve gotten ourselves into. While there isn’t a lot to show off visually, there’s plenty to discuss so this week we’re gonna do that instead.

As we’ve discussed some STL pain points you might have noticed we tend to circle back to travel and offline progress here and there and by that I mean literally in every other blog post since the beginning of (STL) time. Well, without diving into that again Mike has been aggressively trying to optimize travel. Not only do we need it for ya know, a functional and fun game but also because offline progress can’t exist without it. So there’s that. You’re probably wondering how that’s gonna happen. Well first of all Mike recently made some Unity fixes so he can test in-editor. The Dan version of that is Mike can now test things a lot faster since Unity can be a bit of time vampire.

More on topic, Mike recently decoupled a websocket for mileage. Basically that means that mileage (aka travel) is now a completely independent process and won’t be bogged down by chat, badge notifications, friend requests, goals, or all of the other things happening that cause night terrors and functional alcoholism in developers. Unfortunately this solution was totally pointless and stupid and dumb and I’m kidding it’s been working rad af who’s excited (we are).

I asked Mike what the next steps were and he said this in Slack:

See ya’ll next week.

Clever Complimentary Close,

Dan and Mike