Weekly Update: Travel & Offline Progress VI

Hi Truckers,

Happy Tuesday, the happiest of all days, because here is yet another blog post. It’s been a while (a week) since I’ve mentioned this, but the overhaul is still in progress and I’m not 100% sure Mike didn’t move to Mexico and quit working on this project entirely. Seriously though, this is easily our biggest push yet and it should be pretty evident by my abuse of copying and pasting the blog title with a slight modification. Mike is currently doing travel ticket stuff and getting everything locked down while I distract you with super cool balance/polish info. Info I pulled directly from our Google Sheet. Check it:

  • Fix truck/paint clarity, background tearing
  • Less crates, better loot (quality over quantity)
  • Longer routes post ascension
  • Scrap income
  • Twice the buffs
  • Buff rebalance
  • Storage UI cleanup
  • Track improvements
  • More radio stations
  • Alerts
  • Upgrade scaling
  • Crafting rebalance
  • Endless Road scaling
  • Scrapyard pricing
  • More Notes
  • Badge balance – seriously it’s like 10 badges in the first 10 seconds (oopsies)
  • Faster Goals reset
  • More leaderboards
  • Other shit. Like, a lot of other shit.

We know what you’re thinking — classic Dan & Mike completely obliterating the scope wow great idea can’t wait to play this game in 2028 but here’s the thing: everything we’ve done, from concept to completion is with scaling and tuning in mind. Some systems required a lot more time in order to make sure we could tweak them accordingly. Everything was built to avoid tech debt and general inflexibility in order to facilitate rapid-fire tweaks. Want that one in English? You got it; we made shit to change shit. I didn’t even bother censoring that word because it takes an awkwardly long time to find the right substitute characters. Even explaining that took more time than I anticipa- listen this list might look insane, but the truth is most of those can be done in an exceptionally short amount of time. Most of them.

Thanks again to our players, fans, friends, family, and people that absolutely hate our stupid guts for patience, feedback, support and/or pressure to get things done. We know it’s been a long road but we’re really doing it, man. Mike said I should include a gif to keep you entertained while he eats his feelings so here’s something I found that is not at all reflective of our general disposition here at Strike Interactive:


Dan. Mike.