Weekly Update: Travel & Offline Progress VII

Hi Truckers,

Yes, we’re still working on the backend. Good talk.

Ok, alright, that’s probably not enough. Did you know that my favorite RPG of all time is Final Fantasy VII? It’s true. And that it’s also the 7th weekly update around this backend overhaul that has caused Mike to start crying (more) in the shower? Also true. Unfortunately I don’t have a lot to talk about since it’s all technical and Mike is too busy actually doing it because he’s valuable unlike some handsome asshole who’s writing this sentence.

However, one thing I can talk about is why this is taking as long as it is, and not from a technical standpoint. One of our long-time and awesome players, MadManix, recently mentioned in Discord that we haven’t really added anything new to the game in a while. He’s not wrong. Looking back through our blog and news posts which I actually did for the sake of this paragraph, the last major patch added multiple servers. That was a good day. Unfortunately that day was approximately 49 days ago. Drop the weekends and you’re looking at 34 workdays, which you probably shouldn’t because we often work on weekends. So yeah, it’s been a while (compared to our usual pace). Let me explain (partly) why.

When we started building STL, we were able to commit about half of our time to it while the other half was spent running our own digital shop. As time went on and we realized making video games was more fun than making good money because we’re idiots, we gradually released clients back into the wild to find a new agency while we actively turned down work because we’re idiots.

Jokes aside, neither of us regret pivoting to make STL. Here’s the thing though; we played it fast and loose on purpose, killed it in the chaos and built something we loved to build. But eventually, the revenue stops. Clients stop asking if we’re available for a billable project. I start buying 12 year old scotch. Mike has to wait for $500 headphones to go on sale. You know, classic poverty problems. Except the scotch is actually a bottle of prison wine I made in my toilet and Mike is buying $13 ear buds at a pawn shop. And just like that, we’re broke.

The thing is, we weren’t trying to get paid with STL. Any purchase made in the shop was greatly appreciated but primarily gave us insight into what people found value in. The shop itself was a beta test, and if I’m being honest it was really rewarding to see so many people find so much value in the products, so thanks for that (you know who you are, you generous bastards). We didn’t introduce energy mechanics or time limits or any other irritating roadblocks. We weren’t trying to trick anyone or assume we’d pay our bills with a beta. And we didn’t.

Eventually, we had to do the unthinkable: get jobs. That’s why this massive undertaking has been such a god damn struggle bus. Mike is trying to complete all of this while simultaneously working a demanding contract gig and doing weird things like showering and socializing, whatever those are. We both tried the OnlyFans route but we just ended up subscribing to each other.  There’s no plea for sympathy here or a pity party; we’ve just always been honest with you guys (like way, way too honest maybe) and that’s where we are. The pace has slowed down. Not only is this overhaul a beast, but it’s happening while Mike is juggling real life shit. We both are.

On top of that, if Mike falls down a flight of stairs and gets hurt or I end up in prison because I pushed Mike down a flight of stairs production stops. We don’t have a backup team or stunt doubles or doppelgangers that I know of. If one of us gets sick we power through, until we can’t, and production stops. If I don’t stop making the exact same point in different formats right now, production stops.

Anyways, we’re both excited for the future of STL even if things slow down a bit, and we’ll get it to a full release. And maybe, just maybe after that happens we can go back to STL full time and start working on our next big project. Or you guys could just Venmo us a bunch of money. Either one is fine.

Super Truck (for) Life,