Badge Rewards are Live!

Hi Truckers,

You read that right. If you haven’t been following our weekly updates how dare you but also we’ve been talking about these bad bois for a while. You can now earn rewards for hitting badge point milestones. Basically, you won’t spend any of your hard-earned badge points, but once you hit a certain amount of them, we’ll hook you up with a reward. There are currently 15 milestone rewards which include exclusive paints, crates, and probably the highlight of the badge rewards — 4 new part recipes that introduce new effects to the game!

These new effects include:

  • +10% slots win chance
  • +2,000 track payout
  • +25% collectible value
  • Better crate loot

If badge rewards weren’t enough we took it a step further and cleaned a few things up and by a step further I mean mainlining coffee and by cleaned a few things up I mean Mike and I are currently not on speaking terms. Thanks for all your hard work, Mike:

  • Endless Parts drop rates have been drastically increased
  • Coins per mile bug fixed
  • Base collectible spawn rate reduced; clovers are now more effective
  • Ascension-specific pieces now drop appropriately when smashing
  • Springs (piece) now have a much higher drop rate when smashing totems

We hope you dig this update and as always, let us know what you think. I’m pretty sure it’s just getting redundant at this point, but if you’re not reading these updates (again how dare you though) we’ve mentioned the next steps now that we’re feature-complete:

  • Zones/Servers
  • Backend overhaul
  • Offline progress
  • Polish/balance pass

That last one is ongoing, but our next steps are pretty clear and not at all intimidating I’m not crying you’re crying.

Let’s Gooo,

Mike / Dan