Weekly Update: Zones (Servers)

Hi Truckers,

Last week we pushed a patch that included badge rewards. Shortly after (a solid 10 minutes because downtime is bullshit) we started discussing zones in more detail. Zones, as you may recall, are our completely unnecessarily confusing word for Servers. We’re sorry about that. The artist formerly known as “Zone” will now be referred to as “Server” henceforth… damnit I just did it again. The artist formerly known as “Henceforth” will now be referred to as “From Now On” from now on. Sometimes we get too clever for our own good and name things poorly. Anyways, let’s talk about Servers.

While Mike has a mountain of work ahead on the backend, I’ll be designing multiple layouts which will guide the user from login, to server selection, and back again. Here’s an unfinished mockup of the server selection once a returning player has logged in and selected a server:

Once a server is selected, a preview of their truck on that server is shown with some minor details (name, ascension). Once the play button is pressed, the user will arrive back on the play page we all know and hopefully love. You’ll be able to return to the server selection at any time to switch servers and reload the play experience. In case you’re wondering, when selecting a server that doesn’t contain an existing truck, they can create a new truck that comes with it’s own starter paint and topper.

All done! I mean except for several more designs Mike will need while he’s rebuilding the entire architecture but other than that totally definitely done.

Yeah, it’s a big undertaking, but it’s worth it. We’re also discussing how offline progress works, polish/balance needs, and additional content. Thanks, as always, for your patience and for playing. We know it’s been a really, really long trip but we can’t wait for this bad Larry to go live and for ya’ll to play the hell out of it.

The Artists Currently Known As,

Dan & Mike