Badges are Live!

Hi Truckers,

We’ve been hard at work on the new Badge system and let me tell you, it’s kinda rad; Rad Radio rad. But don’t take my word for it because you don’t have to! Badges are live and waiting to be earned.

All 150 of them. Yeah we got carried away, so what. You’ll notice a Badge nav item at the top of the play page — feel free to click around. Badges include icons, names, and point values. We even built a notification with custom sound that pops up in the lower right corner of your browser. They’re like real achievements in a real video game! Holy $#@!

As usual, we wanted to do a little more for this patch and refine our QA process a bit as well. TL;DR version in bullet points after the explosion of words following this sentence.

Sometimes we tend to rush things out the door and that’s really cool when it actually f’ing works. When it doesn’t work, we’re unhappy. More importantly, our players are unhappy. This time we tested our asses off and squashed any bugs we found. Badges should be pretty solid, but as always it’s a Beta for a reason; to tell us how stupid we are help make the game better by reporting bugs! Let us know. On top of that, we made a few tweaks a few of you are going to be happy about. Nitro buffs now stack as intended; 2x + 3x = 5x nitro duration. It should be closer to player expectations and less obscure.

We also changed the layout of the Play page as alluded to in the previous post and by alluded to I mean it looks exactly the way we said it would in the last post. It should be a lot easier to navigate 🙂 Also, you can read this post from the News and Updates nav on the play page. So meta.

Another feature we added is a track timer. You can now check the clock to know when to show up to place your bets, watch the race, and/or check race results. It’s something we’ve wanted to add for a long time but also it turns out there are 10,000 god damn things we’ve wanted to add for a long time so now there are slightly less than 10,000. Nailed it.

Lastly, we managed to crush a few bugs. Some were adorably small and needed to die. Others were huge but somehow Stealth 100 because no one noticed until we did. Also, they’re dead, and I’ll never tell you what they were. It’s better you don’t know.


  • Badges are live. 150 of them. Yep.
  • Implemented better QA process
  • Play page layout nav changed drastically
  • News & Updates available on play page
  • Track timer with clock and live/results status
  • Nitro buff math tweaked by popular demand
  • Bugs. Naturally.

Why are you still here? Get trucking and catch a badge! Or 150 of them.

Tiny note: we are planning on adding a lot more badges in the future. This is round one. We also plan on badge leaderboards and a badge reward system (to spend your points). Thought you should know <3

Badge Bois,

Dandles & Mitchins