Patch Incoming! (Tomorrow)

Hi Truckers,

We are going to be pushing a big boi fat baby mega turbo edition xxl patch in the near future. How near, you ask? Tomorrow near. Which I kind of spoiled in the title (damnit).

This patch will include the brand new Badge system with 150 individual badges ready to be earned. It will also include a brand new sexy Play page layout, a Track timer, bug fixes, and more! Yeah, pretty exciting, but here’s the thing; we’ll be wiping the servers again. Although due to requests in the past and a recent request from your local friendly trucker MadManix, you’ll keep your paints and toppers.

We’ll be pushing this patch around noon-ish MST so that gives you approximately 18 hours from the time of this writing to take a screenshot of the leaderboards to laminate and mount on your wall or fridge or whatever the hell people do with those.

On a personal note, thanks for all your awesome feedback. Thanks for sticking with these two weirdos (us).