Bugs & Stuff

Hi Truckers,

It’s Tuesday and that day is the greatest of all days because we fixed more things after Mega Patch introduced more things to fix because that’s how it works. Let’s go:

  • Fixed trigger height on the Daily Crate so you can click the button instead of just the image
  • Fixed a potential security hole by adding server side locks for all minigames – some server side calls were not checking for ascension level
  • Removed scrapyard and track goals if they’re not unlocked yet
  • Debug (cheat) menu modified so you can skip miles within 10k of the warehouse without skipping multiple routes
  • Overhaul of map and map animations when traveling between regions — work in progress

And… that’s it. The map overhaul is taking a little longer because the map with all those cool travel animations was something we did literally years ago and like a lot of old systems it’s less “fix a few things” and more like “take it outside and shoot it in the face” then rebuild it. We should be done with that in the near future. We’ve been listening to our Discordians (is that a word?) and trying to knock out as many fixes as we can before we introduce the game to a broader audience, but over the next few weeks we’ll still be tuning and fixing bugs y’all find.

As far as the “stuff” portion of this post, we’ll be making some changes to the overall structure of the discord including a “happy hour” chat on Fridays (down the road), and working on an STL trailer to promote the game. Exciting stuff. Also, as some of you know we’re working on a second game. Details coming… eventually.


Mike & Dan