Build 267b is Live

Hi Truckers,

It’s been a week since we launched Mega Patch and things have gone pretty well, especially considering Mega Patch was a f’ing behemoth and we only discovered (with your help) a few minor bugs. Ok, a few of them were a bit more than minor but hey they’re fixed now so it’s like it never happened. That’s how that works… right?

Anyways, build 267b is live and we did things:

  • Fleet drivers now gain experience/levels much slower (as intended)
  • Fixed bug associated with burger buff causing all sorts of hilarious nitro issues
  • Fixed issues with visual feedback not displaying current wallet (cash/scrap) amounts even if they were accurate on the server
  • Fixed bug that fortunately no one but us found allowing the player to claim crates indefinitely

A quick note on that first bullet point — if you’re currently employing capped drivers and want to test the new balance, please hire new ones — sorry, but it’s better than a wipe 🙂

Moving forward, we’ll be focused on any additional glaring bugs, optimization, and adding some minor content, but at this point STL is in the final phases of Early Access so expect to see an influx of new players in the near future. Thanks again for all your feedback and please keep it coming; we know things aren’t perfect but it gets a little closer with every build (spoiler: it’ll never be perfect, but we’ll try).

Truck Yes,