Build 268a is Live

Hi Truckers,

Y’all have been providing a lot of invaluable feedback that’s allowed us to make some pretty drastic improvements over the last few weeks, and we appreciate the hell out of you. This week, we’ve got a pretty thicc patch that addresses a lot of these issues and adds a handful of enhancements we’re pumped about. We’ve also got a solid plan for the next patch but I’ll get to that in a minute. Less go:

  • Fixed vending machine button interactions for crates
  • Fixed vending machine button interactions for parts
  • Fixed vending machine button interactions for paints
  • Cleaned up crate roll animations (should be smoother now)
  • Cleaned up route ending star/coin animations
  • Removed legacy code from map for events
  • Fixed truck animation code on map when moving to new region
  • Optimized webgl tooltip code
  • Fixed slot machine max bet bug when user has more than 1 million coins
  • Added a new sound when a daily goal is ready to be claimed
  • Added a new sound for claiming regular daily goal
  • Added a new sound for claiming golden daily goal
  • Added a new sound for hiring a fleet driver
  • Added a new sound for equipping a fleet driver
  • Added a new sound for claiming a badge reward

Like I said, she thicc. Props to Mike for going beyond scope and knocking out a handful of (hilarious) audio cues on a handful of actions. We’re still missing audio feedback on a few elements but we’re all over that shit and we’ll squeeze them into the next patch. Speaking of which, we’re going to be tackling some balance issues including Scrapyard cost and payout, Fleet progression, and route lengths — we’re going to reduce them to avoid any endgame “grind” that feels more like a “slog” which is antithetical to STL which is about “fun” and not “we ran out of content so idk just leave your computer on for another month.” We’ll also be tackling something no one gives a shit about (until they absolutely do) which is the Shop. As some of you know, when we launched STL we had a slightly more aggressive business model where the shop was prominent and advertised in multiple places. The shop inventory itself was also massive and we experienced some minor criticism from new and existing players just kidding they called us predators. We’ve stripped it down a lot, and now there are only technically 2 items in the shop, but this is confusing and we can’t effectively say the game is “free of microtransactions” which is kind of a bummer.

Instead, we’re going to take a much more simplified approach. The Shop will contain two items: a place to claim your daily crate as usual, and “The Works” or “Literally Our Rent” or “Name Pending” which is basically a ton of stuff like Auto Nitro, Power Boosts, Cosmetics, and the infamous Cheat menu if you want to break the game for funsies. The free version of the game will always be available with no paywalls, energy mechanics, and/or hidden bullshit, with the option to throw a few bucks (likely $4.99) our way via The Works package.

That’s it for now, keep that feedback coming. Oh, and special shout out to Pylot_Kwis in Discord who recently pointed out that the Scrapyard needs some serious love.

Serious Love,

Dan & Mike