Weekly Update: Post-Launch

Hi Truckers,

We hope you’ve been enjoying Mega Patch in all its glory. Over the last few days, we’ve been collecting feedback, playing through the game ourselves, and compiling a list based on priorities. Unsurprisingly, we/you found a few bugs we’re looking into. Surprisingly, there were literally only a few. We’re digging in and trying to fix the most offensive issues as quickly as possible, so quickly that Mike has already pushed a ninja patch to fix an issue with Fleet that is no longer a ninja patch because I just told you about it.

Either way, it won’t be long before Mega Patch meets our/your standards, we release the game into the wild with some marketing efforts, and collectively watch Mike spiral into madness as our servers crumble into the ground. Wee!

Now that STL has hit a pretty massive milestone being all feature complete and stuff with this patch we’ll be focusing on a periodic punch list to improve STL at a slightly slower pace while we plan for the future. There isn’t much else to say since Mega Patch went live on Friday, but know that we’re pumped to make it even better over the coming months while simultaneously working on a second game and occasionally reaching out to our significant others somewhere in the mix before they leave us.

Lastly, a quick thanks (again) for all your feedback and support. It’s a little premature for a post mortem but let me say that this has been a hell of a ride and STL is finally (almost) in a spot where it feels like a complete game we’re (almost) confident inviting many more players to experience. Until then, we’ve got some work to do, but as always we’ll keep you posted.

Can’t Stop Even at the Truck Stop,

Dan & Mike