Goals are Live!

Hi Truckers,

As you may have guessed by the spoiler in the title, Goals are live! If you’re not totally familiar with this new feature we strongly recommend scrolling down to earlier posts because we’ve talked about it, like, a lot.

Basically, Goals are just that; a handful of activities to introduce new players to the game while giving existing players a daily (for now) set of Goals with rewards attached. Goals are currently available in two formats — Starter and Daily. Our existing Beta testers will only see the Daily goals since ya’ll have already done all of the things in the Starter Goals pack, but hey if you decide to invite a friend to the open beta which you totally should they can tell you all about them. Also, this is just the beginning; weeklies, events, and seasonal goals are on the roadmap. Like all of our features, we spent a significant amount of time making sure this feature could evolve and expand over time with minimal tech/design debt.

The other thing we’ve talked about like, a lot is what comes after Goals. Naps and whiskey, but after that it’s on to Badge Rewards; a secondary reward track where every milestone you hit with badge points earns you another reward. I mean it’s like we’re basically just drowning you guys in fun at this point. Something something Michael Scott. After that, it’s a whole lot of backend stuff that you don’t care about which results in a whole lot of frontend stuff you’re 100% going to care about because it comes with multiple zones (servers) you can choose, multiple trucks (characters), resolved desync, and something none of you have even asked for not even once; offline progress. And yes polish and balance and bug fixes but you can assume that’s always happening all of the time because instead of making a cute, simple little truck game we made a complex idle social truck RPG because we’re stupid.

With Goals live and badge rewards around the corner, that makes STL nearly feature-complete. I feel like that statement should be way more intense and colorful given that this is a massive milestone for us (and ya’ll), but I haven’t had my nap or my whiskey so here’s a gif to perfectly convey my emotional capacity:

Let us know what you think of Goals and we’ll keep you posted on Badge rewards as we make progress.

Feature Complete (Basically),