Weekly Update: Goals IV

Hi Truckers,

Short, but exciting update; Goals will be live next week! We know, it would be more exciting if Goals was ready today, but as much as we’d love to hand you a pile of busted shit (we wouldn’t), it needs proper love and testing before ya’ll can enjoy it as intended.

After talking for what seems like hours because it was literally hours we’ve come up with a simple, solid, diverse system for goal types, rewards, ascensions, and requirements. Let me explain, but in a bullet point format so it looks deceptively simple:

For new players (and beta testers new to the feature):

  • Initially, you’ll receive a handful (number pending) of tutorial goals to familiarize you with Goals and the game in general
  • Goals will be simple things like Stop at the Truck Stop, Upgrade your Truck, and/or Click on a Collectible
  • Each Goal completed will provide a small reward
  • Once you’ve finished these Goals, you’ll get your first set of Daily Goals

For existing players, and those that have already completed the tutorial:

  • Every day, you’ll receive 5 random Goals from a pool of 10 types (for now)
  • Goals 1 – 4 are simple, fun goals with small rewards like Scrap, Cash, or Pieces
  • Goal 5 is to complete all 4 goals and provides a big, random reward like random Part of rare or higher quality, Crate, or Paint set (paint and matching topper)
  • Goals reset every 24 hours

TL;DR every day you get 5 new goals with individual rewards. Complete all 5 to claim your big reward! Every Ascension increases requirements and rewards.

We’re currently testing things and tweaking values and maybe even possibly but totally are sneaking in a few little polish tweaks with the upcoming patch.

Once Goals are live, it’s back to the tech overhaul including offline progress, badge rewards, polish/balance, and adding multiple servers (zones). It might sound like a lot but don’t worry because holy shit it really is, but with each sprint we’re that much closer to Early Access. And we couldn’t have made it this far without you. Or anywhere, really. So yeah, thanks for that.

Ya Busy Bois,