Next Steps

Hi All,

In case we haven’t said thank you enough, here’s another one; thanks for being a part of the beta! We’ve received a lot of great feedback from many of you and the game hasn’t even been live for 48 hours. We’ve been digging through every single feedback submission — we’re at 120 right now — and organizing everything into a proper sheet so we can explore, prioritize, and get things done. That’s how we do.

Although the blog may not get a lot of traffic yet, I am going to go ahead and cover some of the more prevalent known issues in this post before putting them into the forums as well. In no particular order:

  • The official “where did my shit go” bug where a part or paint uninstalls itself, replaces itself, or simply provides the player with the wrong feedback (lies). We’re looking into it, but the good news is it’s 100% not gone so don’t worry. It’s just hiding. Like a sneaky boi. Try re-equipping or stopping at the truck stop and refreshing.
  • Collectibles (those floaty things) require eSports FPS Champion skills to click on at higher speeds. Also, they’re too high and hiding behind UI buttons. We’re on it.
  • Scrollbars need to scroll faster for some people.
  • A small group of people can’t use the snapshot function (loads blank page or just loads).
  • The Truck Life button stops working due to an event, or trying to smash it at the end of a route. When this happens, a refresh will fix it — though you might lose a little progress depending on what you were doing.
  • Game needs a tutorial, which should resolve a lot of the confusion around questions about Scrap, for example. We agree. Soon.

Those are really the biggest issues at the moment on our radar. Let me reiterate that we read every single feedback item and if yours isn’t listed it hasn’t been dismissed, these were just ones that were reported more than once and are causing a small cascade of additional issues.

In regards to those of you exploring the outer depths aka you’ve ascended twice, things are going to get a little weird, primarily with the map and route rewards. Don’t panic, you’re just pushing into territory we haven’t refined yet. The good news you can keep truckin’ and collect crates and such, but if your truck suddenly turns into a gigantic spider-baby that’s on you.

That being said, our core goal here is to lock down the major bugs, improve on the UX/UI, then focus on the content and features. We’d much rather provide you with 25 hours of polished, sexy gameplay rather than 100 hours of tiny nightmares. We’ll get there, and we’ll keep you posted.

Much Love,

Dansens & Mitchels