Weekly Update: Real-time Progress

Hi Truckers,

Remember last week when I was all like yeah sorry we’re still doing stuff and it’s too technical to get into? Same, because that’s what I said. Well good news bois and girls or whatever you identify as (we identify as trucks). We’ve made massive progress thanks to Mike’s tireless coding-while-screaming technique. That’s right…

Real-time progress is in testing! Now that travel is going through the websocket, your miles, cash, and scrap will be saved in real-time. That means that if you accidentally sneeze and close the tab or set your computer on fire because those are the only two reasons you’d ever want to stop playing, when you come back you’ll be exactly where you left off. This also means you can, in theory, say goodbye to the desync issues of the past. I know you’re all probably thinking that’s amazing it’s about f&$@ing time you nerds well first of all wow calm down ok this was really hard to build and second of all it’s not amazing enough, which brings me to the next topic; offline progress.

Instead of simply returning to an “auto-saved” state with your progress intact, we want to introduce the next step; progress when you’re not playing. This is not a new concept to anyone that has played an idle game before, but for the cool kids this means your truck is effectively on autopilot while you’re not driving it directly. The moment you close the game (or lose connection to the websocket for whatever reason) your Truck drives itself. What are the limitations/benefits/conditions you ask? I’ll break it down.

Cruise Control™ is a concept totally unique and exclusive to Super Truck Life™ and definitely not a term used anywhere else in the world. We do in fact have a lawyer to verify this but I keep them as far away from the blog as possible for… legal reasons. Anyways, CC™ simply looks at your base power, and keeps your truck rolling. This does not include Nitro (because you’re not there to press it), or any active buffs (for reasons). What it does include is base power, upgrades, gear bonuses, and any power-specific items purchased in the Shop. While it’s not going to compete with (active) Truckers smashing the absolute $#@* out of the Nitro button, it’s going to keep driving until you return. Any routes/regions you complete, cash rewards and crates will be there waiting for you.

We’re pretty excited. So much so that I don’t want to dilute that statement with jokes. This whole slog has been a bit of a jerk (Mike’s allergic to jerks), but we’re over this hurdle and pumped for the future. We hope y’all are too.

Respectfully Limited on Idiosyncratic Valedictions,

Dan // Mike