Weekly Update

Hi Truck Friends,

It’s that time again for another update. Last week, we gave you a probably-way-too-specific look into what we’re working on. If you already forgot or just want to read it again, go here. Since that post, we’re stoked to announce that the Friends and Notes systems have been designed and built. We’re still testing internally, but the core systems are done. Boom.

On top of that, we’ve completely reworked the play page to feel more like an ecosystem, built with expansion in mind. This means instead of just a game window and a chat box, the new layout accommodates a micro social network, instant viewing for things like leaderboards, ascension reward trees, notes, and gifting. Everything can be done simultaneously and on the fly while your truck powers through in the background for those sweet, sweet crates. This too, has been designed and built.

Once we’ve appropriately bug-tested all of these new systems, it’s on to the Ascension panels. These panels will tell you exactly what you can expect to earn and/or unlock per ascension, all the way up the ladder.

Lastly, it’s on to the Track we also mentioned in the previous post. Pick a racer, place your bets, and maybe don’t yell at us if you lose all of your scrap ok because this was your decision.

As it stands, we’ve still got weeks of work ahead of us, but we’ll keep you posted along the way. All of these systems, including the Play page rework play nicely together and we want to release the whole thing in one beastly patch. The idea is release the whole meal at once, instead of serving a steak with no sides. Have you ever had a filet with a loaded baked potato and asparagus? On the same plate? It’s f*cking delicious. Analogies, yall.

We know some of you are trucking at the bit for a patch, and we Super appreciate your patience.

Truck On,

Morkles & Dornjins