Weekly Update: Crafting and Roadmap

Hi Truckers,

Another quick update this week, but this time with a super helpful roadmap graphic because words are boring and stupid. In case you haven’t already guessed, we’re still working on crafting, but we’re getting close™. Mike is currently wrapping up the functionality, then we jump into internal testing where we attempt to break absolutely everything until Mike cries into a puddle of mango-scented White Claws. Like I said, close. In the meantime, we slapped this little piece of transparency together for those of you wondering what our roadmap looks like:

As you can see, crafting is slated to be complete sometime in the next week or two with badges coming up next. The graphic should speak for itself, but I should point out at some point while working on Badges we’ll be adding ascensions. Those of you that are grinding the Endless Road into space dust, get ready for more content next month!

If you have any questions/concerns/comments/amazon gift cards you’d like to throw our way feel free to let us know in the Discord or chat.

Also, shout out to the French players that have recently joined the beta. Salut! We don’t speak French, but we’re happy to use Google Translate and do our best. I had to watch a 3 minute video on the formal vs informal greetings in French so I’m looking forward to embarrassing myself. Should be fun.

We’ll keep you posted on everything else and of course, keep the feedback coming!