Weekly Update: Gifting

Hi Truck Lifers,

You know what time it is. This week we’re focusing on gifting; the selfless act of giving a friend a part or paint to show your appreciation for them and give them a hand out there on the open road with absolutely no expectation whatsoever of reciprocation but honestly Mike it’d be nice if you could just maybe send me something. That was an heirloom engine, damnit.

The point is we’ve provided a way for you to hook friends up and be hooked up with minimal effort. It’s this easy:

As you can see in my Notes, nothing new has come in, but I get the feeling that’s about to change:

Suddenly, a wild note appears:

Nice, looks like Mike hooked me up. I wonder what it is. A simple click on the blue link and…

Smooches, Mike. Hit accept and boom, the attachment is added to your in-game inventory. That’s it! Well, not quite. Half the fun is giving, right? Time to send Mike something terrible fun. First, we’ll smash the gift icon near Mike’s name on our friends list:

Once we’ve written an exceptionally important and heartfelt message, we’ll need to choose an attachment:

This might look vaguely familiar — it’s your in-game inventory! Neat!

You’re all set. You can change the message, eject the part, or swap it out with something else. When you’re done, it’s time to send!

That, my friends, is gifting. While we plan on making it a bit more complex at some point, we think this is a great start for you and your friends to share the love. It’s also a great way to help out a friend that’s new to the game. Speaking of gifting, you could always give your friend the Fast Food Paint Pack featured in our premium shop (coming with this mega patch):


Just sayin’.

Well, that’s all for this week. Stay safe and stay generous.

Ya Bois,

Mikey & Danny