Weekly Update: Mega Patch IV

Hi Truckers,

Happy Tuesday and welcome to another post right on schedule. “What an unbelievable achievement,” you say sarcastically.  Look, man, it’s been a busy few weeks. Mike had family in town, I was dying, and STL is our vehicular mistress; we have to constantly cheat on it to go do real jobs that pay real money so we don’t end up real homeless.

Speaking of real money , did you know that some game developers actually monetize their games to the point that people get upset? Yeah, I know it sounds crazy because we’ve definitely never ever experienced anything like that the first time we advertised our game on reddit.

Haha just kidding. Some of these were brutal. Though they also weren’t wrong… mostly (there will always be entitlement and freeloaders insisting everything should be free in any industry).

As I mentioned in November, we ripped everything out of the MTX shop, moved the nav icon, and destroyed the carousel altogether. We then consolidated most of the items (including paints) and combined them into a “Booster” pack and a “Works” pack. We decided to limit the amount of cash you could spend in the shop to $10, before you’d effectively buy out the stock and no longer be able to purchase anything.

Yep, it’s like we’re just begging to be poor. But the truth is we’d rather build a positive reputation with our amazing players and focus less on short-term goals. As you know, we also actively listen to feedback so having a vocal majority ready to burn our houses down for adding excessive, distracting MTX was more than enough to try a new approach.

Regardless, this is what the shop looks like now, fully functional on staging:

Here’s a quick look at the “more info” views:

If you purchase the Booster pack, you spend $5 and receive an immediate $5 discount on the Works. Buying the Works outright is $10 and includes the booster pack so like I said, $10 is the max you can spend. Want to spend more anyway? Tough shit:

Yep. We figure if people want to donate, or join our Patreon that we don’t actually have yet or join our Twitch stream that’s also work in progress then we’ll find a way to accept that monetary love. Otherwise, you’re capped at $10 in STL and we hope you had fun and thanks for playing, etc..

We’re focused on Fleet now, and getting those final changes in (including manually leveling up drivers) because damn it feels good. I’ll cover that in more detail next week.

Moderately Monetized,

Dan & Mike