Weekly Update: Mega Patch IX

Hi Truckers,

Happy Tuesday! We’re still on track for Mega Patch release which is pretty cool. Also pretty cool? New radio stations. As we wrap up polish/optimization/content we went ahead and added two new stations; Overdrive and Truck FM. The former being a hard hitting EDM station and the latter basically being the opposite of that; a talk show with a lot of hilarious skits that Mike put together with a few friends while I was probably at home binging Community for the 13th time after humbly declining the offer to join them or while I was “sick” which is what I told him when he invited me. Anyways it’s damn good content, and a nice break from the anxiety-inducing adrenaline-fest that is Overdrive. We also reordered the radio stations so there’s a nice contrast as you flip through until you find the right genre for your mood or whatever.

The final two heavy lifts remaining, which are really not heavy are balancing/improving Goals and Badge requirements. That’s basically it. There are little things on our wishlist but the vast majority can wait until after we ship this fatty. Beyond that we’re looking at literally the same thing we’ve mentioned a thousand times: packaging the patch and shipping it which is not exactly a simple task. However, we’ve discussed preloading a lot of the effort throughout the week so we aren’t in panic mode and/or destroying any semblance of a weekend and we can spend that time playing the game for funsies if that’s even possible after staring at this god damn thing for two years.


Get Your Ass to the Endless Road (Mars),

Mike & Dan