Weekly Update: Offline Progress, Alerts

Hi Truckers,

This week’s update is gonna be a short one, but fear not, it’s got pretty pictures. As Mike burns through the server migration and other things I barely understand because I’m not a huge nerd (got ’em) I’ve been designing the offline progress/alert screens. Basically, when you’ve returned from sleeping or eating or whatever it is people do when they’re not playing super dope browser games you’ll need to see what kind of progress you’ve made:

Great job, truck. You’ll also need to be alerted when something bad is about to happen. Let’s say, for example, we need to take the server down and you’re miles deep in fun. You’d see something like this:

We’ll have other alerts for other things, like when you get randomly disconnected from the server which is definitely not going to be our fault. Like I said earlier, Mike is still hammering away on the backend overhaul and all the server things but we’ll let you know where we’re at every week like we always do. I’ll also probably say we’ll keep you updated every week every week like I always do. It’s a vicious cycle please help me.

Making Offline Progress Online,