Weekly Update: Servers II

Hi Truckers,

It’s that time again; time to distract ya’ll with jokes and clever witticisms because we’re not quite ready to patch yet. We’re getting there though. Here’s a quick update:

  • First server is up and running
  • Server management tools built
  • Server select is designed, built, and ready for internal testing

Allow me to (poorly) elaborate on what that means. With our shift towards having multiple servers (aka realms/regions/zones) the first big step is getting that first server up and running. Done. We also need tools to manage these servers from a control panel which is also done. Lastly, we’ve designed and built the process for logging in, selecting a server, playing, logging out, and selecting a different server. Mike estimates we’re approximately 70% of the way there. As I mentioned in the last post, we also need to implement an alert system for things like offline progress, server down warnings, and disconnects. Those are also in production. Boom.

Before I wrap this up, I’d like to dig into what having multiple servers means for the player; first, you’ll be able to choose a server by region, which means a better connection (not to mention alleviates potential language barriers). Also, you can play on multiple servers, which means multiple trucks. We can introduce experimental servers, public test servers, and whatever we come up with. Servers can go down individually which means you can bounce to another server while you wait. Lastly, it’s going to save ya bois some cash on our end, which I’m hesitant to mention but if I have to eat one more brick of shrimp-flavored ramen I’m going to burn my house down.

Once all of this is built, tested, and mother-approved we’re going to move on to other things we’ve talked about like offline progress and balance/polish.

We’ll keep you posted on progress next week, and we’ll be discussing some things regarding the Shop (MTX) that will be affected by the shift to multiple servers. Don’t worry, it’s good news.

Mother Approved,