Hi Truckers,

Happy Friday! This is going to be a reasonably short post (or not), but we wanted to provide the same level of transparency we always have and let you know what we’ve been up to.

While we’ve always relied on our amazing player base to provide insightful feedback (and hurt our tiny feelings), we also track user behavior to gain some insight without the feedback. This includes things like player behavior and retention. For example: “how many truckers came back after their first visit” or “how long does the average trucker play before closing their browser window” or “why did we spend two years of our lives building this f’ing thing.” Most of those can be answered by simply consulting our stats and making adjustments accordingly, especially when players don’t opt-in to share that info which is a lot more often than you might think.

But before I address the weird title of this post and dig into what we’re working on for the upcoming patch, we need to go back a little bit so forgive the exposition in advance.

As mentioned in previous posts over the literal years, finding a balance between idle and actionable is a constant struggle bus. We want the game to have longevity and appeal to the idle fanbase who rely on weeks or even months of a side hustle minimized on a task bar, but also keep the twitchy demographic looking for constant stimulation and activity happy and satiated. This is tricky, but it’s an organic balance considering Mike and I favor slightly different playstyles. I’m more likely to let Cookie Clicker idle until I’m dead, whereas Mike loses interest a lot sooner. This makes for a good dynamic given our goals even if we have to verbally punch each other in the face a few times before one of us concedes. That aside, when we introduced STL to Armor Games — we also posted this whole story — we were told verbatim “idle game feels too idle” and even a recent review we received said the same thing, although the game was still praised for what it was. Fair enough.

With that in mind we realized the bones are there, the activity of new players shows commitment, but the moment there’s a “now what” new players go from fully engaged and active to the absolute opposite, close the game, and rarely return. This is obviously a problem, so… title.

We’ve been testing a massive squish on our staging server. The initial starting route was 100 miles, which scales from there. We cut that in half to 50 and play tested. It felt better. There were more things to do and the sense of accomplishment was increased dramatically. However, it wasn’t quite enough so we almost cut it in half again and brought it to 30. This felt like a different game (in a good way). Yeah, it’s shorter, and yes you’ll get to the endless road a lot faster than previously, but it’s a better experience overall. If you haven’t seen Egoraptor’s Sequelitis episode Castlevania 1 vs Castlevania 2 this is a good philosophical comparison you can dive into here. If you’d rather not, I’ll summarize: Castlevania 1 was a master class in game design, whereas Castlevania 2 was built around the idea that longer = better. It introduced grinds, timesinks, and other things that Castlevania 1 didn’t care about, even if that meant the game was over a lot faster. This is the direction we want to go.

After we squished routes, we took another look at goals. Once you finished the starter goals and the first batch, you were left with hours to wait for the next batch. We squished that too. Goals now reset every 15 minutes and we’re working on adding more goals to the mix, but we’ll get more into that in the future.

We also looked at other things that felt like we were intentionally or unintentionally slowing down the player. One of these is the deceleration when you want to hit the Truck Stop. While Mike did an amazing job making the truck realistically slow down and stop, it’s tedious early on when you have to go from 5 power to 0 power over the course of a mile. For new truckers, this feels sluggish and tedious. That’s gone too.

Lastly, we looked at collectables; those little floaty bois you click on. One of our players commented that even after equipping clovers the frequency of collectables didn’t seem to get any better. There’s a reason for that. The way collectables currently work is this: every x seconds a collectable may or may not spawn, depending on your “luck.” You can increase this luck by equipping clovers, but it doesn’t change the frequency of the spawn. Best case scenario; a collectable always spawns once every x seconds and that timer never changes. This is being reworked: collectables will now spawn every x seconds regardless, but the x is determined by your luck. So, for example, if the slowest collectables spawn speed is 2 minutes, you can reduce this time with clovers, but a collectable will always spawn, it’s up to you and your gear as to when that happens.

We’re also balancing Fleet to be more engaging and affordable as well, and fixing a few bugs brought to our attention by the aforementioned amazing player base.

In summation, we’re working on a lot of things, but we’re going to try to get them all in the new patch coming… soon. That’s all for now. Have a nice weekend truckers!

Squish it Real Good,

Dan & Mike

New Trailer & Website

Hi Truckers,

Happy Wednesday! We’ve (finally) finished the first version of the official STL Early Access Trailer. It’s just too bad we don’t have a shiny new website to feature it on except we totally do because we also did that. Check out supertrucklife.com and revel in all its glory. Or just skip the site altogether because you’re already playing the game. Or if you want to do neither of those things you can just watch it right now:

Also, a big shout out to all of our new players. We hope you’re enjoying the (Super) Truck Life and if you’re not feel free to hurt our feelings in Discord.

We’ve got some big plans moving forward including extensive polish, tuning, and eventually a guest account so you don’t even have to log in if you’re (Super) paranoid. As mentioned in the last post, updates will be on a new schedule and by that we mean no schedule because updates will be more of a “when it’s ready” vibe. That being said, we’re counting on our players to tell us what we did right, what we did hilariously wrong, and to report any bugs or issues via discord and/or through our fancy form. All of your submissions go directly to Mike and he definitely totally told me personally that he’s excited to fix bugs instead of improving the game and adding fun things.

We’re pretty pumped for the future of STL and we’ll continue to improve the game until the end of time or until we run out of money and become homeless; whichever comes first.

Ya Bois,

Dan & Mike



Weekly Update: Weekly Update

Hi Truckers,

Happy Tuesday! That title may have confused you, but this week we’re talking about just that; the weekly update. With rare exceptions (holidays, etc) we’ve been posting every week consecutively since our first launch post in August of 2020. Yeah, 100+ posts over the course of almost 2 years. Until now, that mostly made sense. We’ve always wanted to keep our community updated on every little thing we were doing, even if it was just an announcement about how Mike and I were taking a week off because we occasionally need to leave the house.

However, as we have reached the massive milestone that is Early Access, STL is at a point where outside of the occasional bug, server maintenance, and polish there isn’t going to be all that much to talk about. On top of that, our personal schedules have changed, we’re working on a second game, and there’s still that STL trailer/website we’ve been working on for a few weeks. Lastly, there’s the whole marketing and launching the game in a finalized state that is going to need some love.

In short, there’s a lot of (good) shit going on, but STL and the blog will no longer be receiving (scheduled) weekly updates. If we happen to do something two weeks in a row that’s great, but we’re not going to commit to it is what we’re saying. Feel free to hit us up on discord with questions or suggestions and be sure to submit a report here if you find a bug so it’s added automatically to our punchlist.

Much Love,

Dan & Mike

Weekly Update: Website & Trailer

Hi Truckers,

Short update this week. No patch today because we’re still working on the website and trailer for STL so we can bring in some new truckers and make things all official and stuff. The website is nearly done, although the trailer might be a bit.

Next week we’ll be diving into release cadence and what to expect moving forward. Our schedules have changed, STL is almost ready for an EA release, and we’re slowly making progress on the second game in our arsenal. Instead of weekly updates, we’ll most likely be pushing updates as we complete them instead of a strict weekly schedule, but we’ll get into all that next time. We know STL still needs some polish and bug fixes but don’t worry, they’re on the list.

Keep on Truckin,

Dan & Mike

Level Up

Hi Truckers,

We’ve pushed yet another patch and this one is all about the new “level up” vernacular we’ve used to replace “ascensions” which as I covered in the previous post, is confusing and weird and dumb and stupid and dead now. If you didn’t read last week’s post, we briefly stumbled through an explanation trying to define the problem while providing a solution, which potentially only confused people further, so I won’t repeat that same mistake. I will however, try to summarize with a bullet list and a screenshot:

  • Any mention of “ascensions” has been replaced with “levels” globally
  • Level 1 panel has been added to the ascension (now level) panels
  • Level panel star icons have been replaced with locked/unlocked icons
  • Ascending is officially “leveling up”

Here’s a screenshot of the new level panel:

Hopefully the visual clears up any confusion, but essentially when you start the game you’ve unlocked Level 1, just like all video games since the beginning of time. You start the game with a naked truck, nitro boost, loot tiers up to legendary, 3 starting buffs, a handful of crates, and some basic crafting recipes. This sets the stage for where you are, what you can do, and what comes next. In short, it provides context.

As you can see by the icons, you’ve unlocked level 1, and level 2 (and beyond) is locked. Once you finish level 1, you’ll unlock level 2, and all the rewards that come with it. Simple.

In addition to everything we’ve already done in this week’s patch, we’re almost finished reworking the website and building out the official STL trailer. We’ll keep you posted on both.

Truckers for Life,

Dan & Mike

Build 270D is Live

Hi Truckers,

Yay, it’s patch day, which is always a good day. Unless we miss something and things break and everyone loses their minds which has never happened. We’ve done things in this patch. Let’s talk about those things:

  • replaced and/or added new sounds to all interactions
  • reduced fleet hire and level up costs
  • reduced overall route lengths (again)
  • drone option checkbox now works as intended
  • improved audio mix across the board
  • “ascensions” are now “levels” to simplify everything

Before we get into that last one I just casually threw in there at the end, let’s talk about the other changes first. Several sounds were replaced to fit the theme/brand of STL, and others were added where sound was absent. Let us know your thoughts when you’re done unmuting your browser tab or desktop client because you don’t care about our feelings.

We reduced fleet hire and level up costs by 50% because through some testing we found that once you unlock Fleet and hire a few drivers (if you can), you’re essentially broke with no scrap gains outside of smashing paints/parts, the occasional collectable, and the +1 buff. This felt limiting and we’d rather you had enough scrap to hire/level/reroll drivers until you find a solid starter Fleet.

Overall route lengths were reduced for reasons. A lot of them. But the TL;DR version is that while idle games consistently pride themselves on a grindy slogfest in lieu of “content,” we don’t. STL is intended to be an idle game at its core, with minigames, crafting, nitro, gambling, procedurally generated loot, collectables, and a lot more so active players feel rewarded for being active. Finding that balance is brutal, but we noticed towards the later levels (the artist formerly known as ascensions) the grind was too… grindy. The idle outweighed the active and threw off the balance, and we’d much rather serve a delicious three course meal that you’ll wish lasted longer as opposed to an unstoppable buffet at Applebees. If you’re unfamiliar with Applebees, lucky you. If you are literally Applebees, let’s talk sponsorship — we’re prepared to sell out and I was just kidding your “food” is amazing. Also sorry about the quotes just then.

Audio mix in this case is really just getting the levels right. For example (and not limited to), we reduced volume on nitro sounds a bit and the idle truck engine as well.

Now let’s chat about that last bullet in the above list. When we started building STL a few years ago we simply adopted the most common nomenclature for progression in idle games; ascensions. Another common label is prestige. We did this to help identify as an idle game and to describe what happens when you basically hit the end of the map and you’re ready to start over. While this is commonplace in the idle genre, it poses a few problems for STL. First, it potentially alienates/confuses non-idle gamers. Second, it’s off brand for STL. We use simple and self-explanatory terms as much as possible for reasons: accessibility and approachability. Everyone knows what “goals” are except for me until I was like 20 years old.  But if we changed “goals” to “aspirations,” there’s an inevitable drop-off in communication. Another problem is the negative connotation associated with the word ascension due to a lot of developers simply adding ascensions to pad the game with no actual content outside of doing the same exact thing but longer this time. STL introduces recipes, minigames, quality of life mechanics, badges, rewards, cosmetics, and other things that are intentionally locked behind ascensions. In short, we’re basically trivializing the effort and excitement behind the content and reward systems because we’re stupid.

But above everything else, it’s the inherent confusion that comes with referring to your progress in the game as your ascension level. When you start playing the game, you haven’t ascended yet, so you’re technically on A0, or Ascension Level 0. When you ascend for the first time, you’re on Ascension level 1, but technically you’re on level 2 because you just played through the first loop. Yes, I hate explaining this as much as you hate reading it; it’s confusing and convoluted. If all the reasons listed above weren’t enough, we still find ourselves misnaming ascension levels in internal discussions e.g., “well once you hit ascension 1, I mean, you’re on ascension level 1 because you beat ascension level 0. Or level 1. Mike help” because we don’t work as cryptologists for the f#%&ing CIA. The point is we found a simplified way to explain progression; levels. When you start the game, you’re starting on level 1 because of course you are. Have you ever played a Super Mario game and started on level 0 because of course you haven’t.  When you reach the end of level 1, you’re on level 2. This makes sense in every conceivable way, is easy to communicate to the player in multiple places, separates us from the idle standard, and keeps STL on brand. And it only took 2 years before we realized it needed to change and less than 2 hours to fix it so great job us.

The patch is live, so let us know what you think. This week, we’re working on rebuilding the STL website for a lot of reasons I won’t get into right now, as well as a classic Mike/Dan booze-fueled jam session on the STL trailer that is currently in production and also a massive time sink.

Not Affiliated with Applebees,

Dan & Mike

MTX & More

Hi Truckers,

As you know, we pushed a patch this past Friday instead of this Tuesday since Mike is out of town, focused primarily on balance. For Friday’s patch, we rebuilt the Shop which I will no longer refer to as “MTX” (microtransactions) considering there aren’t any. The only purchasable item in the shop is “Buy the Game,” which includes 7 exclusive paint packs, auto nitro, and a cheat menu which gives you the option of unlimited scrap, cash, pieces (crafting), and teleportation. This is a one-time purchase and technically the only thing you can buy because we’re bad at making money. Seriously though, the Shop has undergone a handful of iterations over the years until we finally landed on no microtransactions, and combining all previous available purchases into one easily navigable item. This also changed the layout of the shop panel itself, and now fits snugly in the 800×600 main game area like the rest of the panels which not only looks gravy, but helps avoid breaking immersion.

For those of you that already bought something in our shop since the beginning will have to purchase the game again just kidding — if you’ve spent more than 0 dollars on STL at any point in the history of STL, you’ll own the “Buy the Game” package. If you run into any issues or don’t see it as “owned” when accessing the shop, give us a heads up and we’ll dig into your account.

Moving forward, we’ve got a few more bugs to smash, an official STL trailer to build, and some balance changes on the horizon, and then it’s all about ongoing tweaks and fixes for STL while we pivot our focus to our second game (more on that in the near future).

Thanks again for the feedback, support, and love y’all have shown us over the years which is a really weird thing to say considering neither of us expected this project to go on that long, but damn it’s been worth it.

No Ragrets,

Dan & Mike

Fleet, Scrapyard, & Routes Balance

Hi Truckers,

Another Tuesday, another patch. This week, we took a hard look at balance and made some pretty big changes based both on your feedback and items collecting digital dust on the backburner:

  • Reduced Scrapyard income
  • Reduced Scrapyard capacity
  • Increased Scrapyard upgrade cost
  • Increased Fleet crate reward requirements
  • Reduced route lengths across the board

I know some of you are going to see this as mostly a nerf patch, because it mostly is, but there’s a method to the madness so allow me to explain. First, Scrapyard was relatively easy to max all upgrades by Ascension 4, which was never our intention considering Scrapyard doesn’t even unlock until Ascension 3. It also works offline, which means you could potentially rake in millions of scrap within a few days. Thanks again to Pylot_Kwis who provided screenshots confirming this. With this nerf we tried not to over correct and find a fun balance between value in upgrades and income without ya know, breaking the game. Let us know how it feels or if you’re really upset about it it’s totally Mike’s fault.

Next on the list, a simple change to Fleet makes crate income less frequent by extending the progress requirement. At max level, what we intended to be a steady trickle of supplemental crate income became a noticeable firehose, effectively diluting the value of crates and route progression in general similar to the maxed out Scrapyard.

Speaking of routes, this was the opposite of a nerf; all routes from your first ascension and beyond have been reduced quite a bit. This means less grind, more crates (and rewards), and faster progression in general. Not only will this offset the above nerfs a bit, but it should make the entire experience a lot more meaningful and rewarding. That being said, as always we’re leaving it to our amazing players to make fun of us and/or provide feedback until we get this shit “right.”

Let us know what you think of these new changes and feel free to make suggestions on Discord. This week we’ll be working on fine tuning the shop layout and functionality, locking down the STL trailer, and updating the website because seriously it’s been like 2 years.

Nerf Squad (Mostly),

Dan & Mike

Build 268a is Live

Hi Truckers,

Y’all have been providing a lot of invaluable feedback that’s allowed us to make some pretty drastic improvements over the last few weeks, and we appreciate the hell out of you. This week, we’ve got a pretty thicc patch that addresses a lot of these issues and adds a handful of enhancements we’re pumped about. We’ve also got a solid plan for the next patch but I’ll get to that in a minute. Less go:

  • Fixed vending machine button interactions for crates
  • Fixed vending machine button interactions for parts
  • Fixed vending machine button interactions for paints
  • Cleaned up crate roll animations (should be smoother now)
  • Cleaned up route ending star/coin animations
  • Removed legacy code from map for events
  • Fixed truck animation code on map when moving to new region
  • Optimized webgl tooltip code
  • Fixed slot machine max bet bug when user has more than 1 million coins
  • Added a new sound when a daily goal is ready to be claimed
  • Added a new sound for claiming regular daily goal
  • Added a new sound for claiming golden daily goal
  • Added a new sound for hiring a fleet driver
  • Added a new sound for equipping a fleet driver
  • Added a new sound for claiming a badge reward

Like I said, she thicc. Props to Mike for going beyond scope and knocking out a handful of (hilarious) audio cues on a handful of actions. We’re still missing audio feedback on a few elements but we’re all over that shit and we’ll squeeze them into the next patch. Speaking of which, we’re going to be tackling some balance issues including Scrapyard cost and payout, Fleet progression, and route lengths — we’re going to reduce them to avoid any endgame “grind” that feels more like a “slog” which is antithetical to STL which is about “fun” and not “we ran out of content so idk just leave your computer on for another month.” We’ll also be tackling something no one gives a shit about (until they absolutely do) which is the Shop. As some of you know, when we launched STL we had a slightly more aggressive business model where the shop was prominent and advertised in multiple places. The shop inventory itself was also massive and we experienced some minor criticism from new and existing players just kidding they called us predators. We’ve stripped it down a lot, and now there are only technically 2 items in the shop, but this is confusing and we can’t effectively say the game is “free of microtransactions” which is kind of a bummer.

Instead, we’re going to take a much more simplified approach. The Shop will contain two items: a place to claim your daily crate as usual, and “The Works” or “Literally Our Rent” or “Name Pending” which is basically a ton of stuff like Auto Nitro, Power Boosts, Cosmetics, and the infamous Cheat menu if you want to break the game for funsies. The free version of the game will always be available with no paywalls, energy mechanics, and/or hidden bullshit, with the option to throw a few bucks (likely $4.99) our way via The Works package.

That’s it for now, keep that feedback coming. Oh, and special shout out to Pylot_Kwis in Discord who recently pointed out that the Scrapyard needs some serious love.

Serious Love,

Dan & Mike


Bugs & Stuff

Hi Truckers,

It’s Tuesday and that day is the greatest of all days because we fixed more things after Mega Patch introduced more things to fix because that’s how it works. Let’s go:

  • Fixed trigger height on the Daily Crate so you can click the button instead of just the image
  • Fixed a potential security hole by adding server side locks for all minigames – some server side calls were not checking for ascension level
  • Removed scrapyard and track goals if they’re not unlocked yet
  • Debug (cheat) menu modified so you can skip miles within 10k of the warehouse without skipping multiple routes
  • Overhaul of map and map animations when traveling between regions — work in progress

And… that’s it. The map overhaul is taking a little longer because the map with all those cool travel animations was something we did literally years ago and like a lot of old systems it’s less “fix a few things” and more like “take it outside and shoot it in the face” then rebuild it. We should be done with that in the near future. We’ve been listening to our Discordians (is that a word?) and trying to knock out as many fixes as we can before we introduce the game to a broader audience, but over the next few weeks we’ll still be tuning and fixing bugs y’all find.

As far as the “stuff” portion of this post, we’ll be making some changes to the overall structure of the discord including a “happy hour” chat on Fridays (down the road), and working on an STL trailer to promote the game. Exciting stuff. Also, as some of you know we’re working on a second game. Details coming… eventually.


Mike & Dan