Still Truckin’

Hi Truckers,

If you’re anything like me, I’m sorry, but also you might have been wondering why there haven’t been any updates since the MEGA PATCH in October. Well, there’s a reason for that; the Steam version. Mike has been going hard the last few months gutting multiplayer code, optimizing for desktop, and other things that only make sense to Mike and he’s not here right now so I’m doing my best.

As most of our current players know, our goal started with an 800×600 version of the game designed specifically for Kongregate, a gaming portal/publisher that stopped accepting game submissions literally the same week we intended on pitching to them.  This left us with a few other options, but we decided to publish the game ourselves and host everything on our end. We also introduced multiplayer with live chat and multiple channels, a gifting system, DMs, and leaderboards. Eventually we decided this was too much to moderate and wanted to focus exclusively on the single player experience which is exactly what we did all the way up to the 10/15 build aka MEGA PATCH.

After that patch, we needed to focus on a standalone version that we could publish on Steam. This has required a lot of work and big props to Mike for powering through. There’s also a decent amount of work on the design side, but the heavy lifting is on dev. We’re getting close now. Mike has made some massive strides in the last few months which means this blog will be more focused on the Steam release status and less on the game itself because as a two-man army we have to focus on what’s feasible. This doesn’t mean the game won’t get updates after we launch, but our priority is a silky smooth single player experience on your desktop (much like Cookie Clicker). Also, to avoid microtransactions, paywalls, and other shady tactics we want to sell the game on Steam, fully “unlocked” for a minimal price point.

Thanks for sticking around and being patient while we get this release wrapped up. We’ll keep you posted.

Still Truckin’ (Steam Edition),

Dan & Mike

Super Mega Patch: Nitro Edition

Hi Truckers,

Well, the day has finally come. The day you’ve all been waiting for or some of you have been waiting for or hopefully at least one of you has been waiting for because we kind of worked our balls off on this patch. That’s right, it’s MEGA PATCH day. Before I dive into the details, let me preface it with this: we’ve basically reworked the entire game based on player feedback, internal testing, and spending so much time talking about this patch that we don’t even hang out casually anymore because we’re secretly sick of each other’s faces (just kidding Mike; love you).

Let’s talk about the major changes first.

Cash and upgrades are now permanent. This means you carry all the cash and upgrades with you through each level. They’ll never reset, and you’ll never have to build them back up from scratch. If you want to read about the entire philosophy behind this design choice feel free to check one of the many blog posts where we did a deep dive. This change also created a ton of balance rework, but after weeks of tuning/testing it finally feels right.

The routes have been squished. Overall all length, scaling, and the inevitable tedium of the higher levels has been drastically reduced with an aggressive squish. You can fly through the first level in a few tiny hours, and carry that momentum into the next with big upgrades, parts, unlocks, and new recipes. Hell yeah.

Fleet has been effectively rebuilt. While this is easily the most involved mini-game in STL for the player, it’s also the most complicated on our end. It requires a lot of balance and consideration with so many other systems in place. If none of those words meant anything to you, this might; we smashed Fleet into a million pieces and put it back together so it feels beneficial, fun, and balanced. This rework made Fleet super fun and before you say “yeah but you guys are kinda biased, you made it” rest assured we hate approximately 95% of what we create five minutes later and can’t stop rebuilding things so jokes on you.

Buff base time has been doubled. This might not seem like a big deal but we want players to be a lot less concerned about rebuffing in the first 20+ minutes after acquiring them the first time. This seemingly small change makes the level 2 buff timer start at 30 minutes, level 3 at 40, and so on (without upgrades) and that just felt perfect.

Loot has been rebalanced. Again. For the 200th time probably. Rarer loot tiers feel rare. Getting a legendary item might not even happen until late into your the first level, because they’re legendary items. Loot tiers unlock each level and others fade into the abyss (like Cracked). Got two legendaries? Amazing, put that one on your Fleet driver and watch them fly. And between certain crafted items, level changes, and a late game buff, you’ll eventually be drowning in loot, just like you should be.

A soft “ending” has been placed on the game. As much as we love incremental games that go on until the end of time, we felt like STL needed some kind of conclusion. Hitting the Endless Road will result in a quick credits screen but that doesn’t mean it’s game over; just a reminder that you’ve hit that endless loop and maybe go outside or something because you’re getting a little pasty my dude.

Speaking of game over, you can now simply reset your progress at any time from a new option in the Stats > Options menu. This will basically remove all progress and throw you back on route 1, level 1 as if you were a new player. Maybe you got a few garbage rolls right out of the gate. Maybe you beat the game and you want to relive the thrilling idle experience all over again. Whatever your reason, you can do it now without submitting a support ticket which was super annoying and we apologize.

Lastly, Collectables were completely reworked to spawn on a consistent timer, every time, and clovers reduce that timer. Previously, collectables had a chance to spawn every x time, and this could result in them not spawning for quite a while. Compounding the issue, equipping a clover could potentially have very little effect. Clovers matter now, and you can actually get the collectables to spawn very rapidly with the right gear.

Aside from the major changes listed above, we also did a lot of other things that weren’t just balance or bug smashing. We’ve added tooltips to a whole bunch of UI elements. We’ve added more sound effects and audio feedback when things happen. Goals were reworked to be more feasible and the timer is 15 minutes, with rewards that don’t destroy loot box value. Crafting recipes now auto sort as you level up so they’re easier to find. Offline progress was reeled in a bit so you don’t sleep through level 1. Scroll through recent blog posts for more details on various things — if I list absolutely every little thing we did for this patch this post will be ten miles long.

Also, after going back and forth for literal years, no microtransactions is where we’ve landed, officially. We’re working on a standalone version of the game aiming for a Steam release, and the game will be a flat price (point pending, but probably around 5 bucks). Anyone that did purchase the full game in the shop with the cheat menu will simply be given a Steam key. Granted a standalone version is going to require a ton of work on Mike’s end, and a good chunk on mine, so this could be a longish/frustrating road.

But it’s important that our players and potential new truckers know we’re steering away from microtransactions but clearly not driving puns.

As a personal note to players, thank you. Seriously. This is the part where I get all gushy and talk about your support and patience and feedback and just for playing our stupid little game, but it’s true. Mike and I started this game as a simple idle concept and years later we’re still reworking and building. And there’s no way in hell we’d have pushed on without our players. So again, thanks for that.

Super Truck Life is a strange amalgamation of our ideas, thoughts, fever dreams, and ridiculous sense of humor. It’s everything we wanted to put into multiple games, rolled into one. We started with a simple idle mechanic and an upgrade system with a stock image of a truck puttering across a looping background and now it’s… I don’t even know what this is. I do know at one point, this beautiful disaster was a full blown MMO with live chat, leaderboards, friend lists, gifting/trading, and more. And now it’s just a really solid single player experience that doesn’t require moderation cause honestly some of y’all nasty. For real though, we hope you have fun. We hope you like what we’ve done and if you don’t hey that’s cool too. But know that this was the epitome of a passion project. We made good decisions, and some unbelievably bad ones with no regrets. We’re self-funded and self-motivated. Aside from our amazing radio friends, Mike and I did everything ourselves from sys admin to email deployment to UX/UI to the blog to the website, the goofy trailer, ad campaign, discord, sound design, and everything in between. And we’re proud of that shit. And we thank you for being a part of all of it.

As far as what’s next for STL, we both know this patch comes with some unavoidable clean up. If you do encounter any issues that seem off, feel free to give the game a quick refresh to resolve the issue. If that doesn’t work, we’re probably already working on it.

We also have some quality of life items we want to get in the game sooner than later, so look forward to that. But for now, we’re mostly focused on the standalone version as I mentioned earlier. Drop by the discord and give us some love, or don’t. Just have fun damnit.

Lastly, we highly recommend you reset your progress since we did not wipe the servers. This will let you experience the game in its current state from the beginning. As a reminder, hit Stats, then Options, then Reset Game. Mike suggested players might also need a screenshot but I’m super tired now so here’s one I did sarcastically:

Keep Truckin,

Dan & Mike

Mega Patch in Testing

Hi Truckers,

It’s been a few, huh? How are things? You guys good? Cool. Us too. We’re actually really good, because we finally managed to get the mega patch into testing. That’s right; we’re almost ready to push the final patch before we set our sights on a standalone version of STL!

As a quick recap, this patch includes:

  • Cash and Upgrades are now persistent between levels (they never reset)
  • Collectable functionality overhaul
  • Rare Crafting pieces are easier to get
  • Clover changes
  • Upgrade price changes
  • Buffs start at 20 minutes
  • Fleet pricing rework, UI improvements
  • Offline progress cap reduction
  • Loot table rework
  • Crafting rework including smart sorting
  • Players can now reset their game and start over
  • Tuning, optimization, and bug fixes

Obviously the big one here is fittingly in the #1 spot on the list; persistent cash and upgrades. We made this decision simply because cash and upgrades felt less exciting and meaningful when they reset every time you level up. It felt almost like a punishment for an accomplishment which is antithetical to our entire philosophy; everybody wins. It also made re-upgrading (because I don’t know what else to call it) tedious, because you’d hit a new level with fatter cash rewards and immediately go upgrade your truck 20 times. You also lost all of your cash, with no carry over or reward system where you could redeem that excess cash for a persistent upgrade system which is actually something we worked on at one point. Point is, we realized with cash and upgrades being literally permanent, you always had a goal to hit and when you hit that extra engine upgrade it felt good. It brought a lot of value back to cash itself, made rewards easier to track, and actually makes the player consider which upgrade to get instead of “whichever one I can afford.”

Once we did this, however, we created a ripple and had to reevaluate route rewards, slots, upgrade costs, collectables, and other stuff that we basically broke making this change. So we did that. But something still felt off no matter what we did.

Eventually we realized that cash numbers were simply too high. If you’re tracking a high score, it doesn’t matter if it’s in the billions because you’re not subtracting, weighing it against the cost of a product, or doing basically any math at all. When it becomes a resource, however, suddenly it’s an unmanageable pain in the ass if the numbers get too high. We simply looked at the highest source of income, route rewards, and nerfed it into the ground. And everything clicked. And we were done just kidding because we had to go back and rework all of that shit all over again.

But it was worth it. The whole game feels different now. Officially, everything you earn in STL is a permanent result. Nothing is taken from the player or reset. I’ve been testing STL for the 102981st time and I’m still having fun. Weird.

Beyond that, we reworked tables so legendaries and beyond feel… legendary. Rares are actually rare. You get the gist. Buffs start at 20 minutes because 10 was annoying me. Fleet is like, a new game at this point. It went from a slow grindy sim to more of an arcade idle game. You’ll see what I mean when you’re swapping drivers, their gear, and leveling them up way faster than before trying to find that sweet spot for extra crates. We tweaked the UI as well so instead of “Total Progress” there’s an actual number so you can track your progress.

Collectables used to be a chance to spawn at set intervals with clovers improving that spawn chance. They now spawn always, with clovers reducing the intervals.

We squished routes, made crafting pieces easier to get, added smarter sorting, and other sexy improvements. But you’ll have to wait a little bit while we test the game thoroughly because we did that thing we did one other time where we built a mega patch that requires mega testing and now it’s taking mega f&$#ing forever so I’m sorry stop yelling at me.

Anyways, we’ll keep ya posted. Oh and on a side note, Mike and I are both moved in to our new homes so we can finally get back to literally anything other than moving because moving is the worst.

Awkwardly Long Hugs,

Dan & Mike

Upcoming Patch

Hi Truckers,

We know it’s been a bit since the last patch, what with Mike moving into a new place, my upcoming move, and constantly adding to our list of things we want in this mega patch because we still can’t afford to hire a project manager to tell us to stop. This patch will be focused primarily on tuning, but with a handful of huge changes as well that we’ve (mostly) mentioned in the previous posts. We thought it’d be a good idea to compile everything into one post to provide transparency and get people pumped for the next update. With that, let’s get into it.

Over the last month+ we’ve been playing through the game a lot, tuning, and revisiting. This has been a generally fun process because we weirdly like playing our own game but at times a frustrating one as well. Some needed changes were obvious, while others were sneaky bastards hiding among the dozen systems that all need to play well together. We also revisited a handful of things that have gone pretty much untouched since the beginning of time. We’ll start with the big(ger) changes:

  • Collectables now spawn on a set timer, every time
  • Clovers now reduce the collectable spawn timer
  • Gold and Upgrades are now persistent — they will not reset when reaching a new level

We’ve been testing these change extensively and the game is objectively better, but we also needed to approach tuning. A lot of tuning. Like so much f$#@ing tuning:

  • Upgrades are more expensive now that they’re persistent
  • Route cash rewards have been reduced
  • Buff timers start at 20 minutes, up from 10
  • Fleet pricing has been reduced across the board
  • Fleet drivers level up faster
  • Fleet progress (crate) requirements have been heavily reduced
  • Fleet Total Progress bar label has been changed to actual progress numbers
  • Offline progress cap has been reduced
  • Goal part rewards have been reduced
  • Loot tables have been reeled in; higher tier parts will be more rare
  • Crafting recipes will now sort by type in the ALL list — this will make new recipes easier to find
  • Rare crafting pieces will now drop more often
  • Scrapyard upgrade prices heavily reduced
  • Collectable goal requirements have been reduced to 3/5/7 down from 5/10/15 etc
  • A whole bunch of bug fixes after we broke everything (again)

In addition to all of these things, we’re also going to be adding a Reset button available in the options (stats) menu where you can simply reset/wipe your current progress and start from the beginning. Maybe you beat the game and you just want to play again because why wouldn’t you this is the best game ever made according to our moms. Or maybe you rolled a bunch of garbage loot and chose your upgrades poorly on level 1 and you want to try again.  Either way, you should be able to do that without having to request we do that for you on our end, so we’ll get that in the next patch. Probably.

Lastly, and this is a big one; once this patch goes live and nothing bursts into flames we’re going to be focusing less on tuning and more on a standalone version of the game. It’s a big undertaking but a necessary one. In short, you can play the game offline. You don’t have to connect to our servers and everything will be saved locally. Also we don’t have to pay for servers, which is nice.

So when the hell is this patch going live? Well, we’re not sure yet. My life is going to get messy for the next few weeks as I’m moving to a new spot in the most complicated way possible, while Mike is still getting settled in and juggling a thousand other things. We’re super pumped to get this thicc boi live though, and we’ll continue to update you as we make progress. If you want to make us cry we still monitor and respond in Discord, otherwise just keep on truckin’ while we get the mega patch wrapped up.


Dan & Mike

The Move

Hi Truckers,

Just a quick update that will inevitably turn into a comprehensive one because historically in blog posts I’m incapable of brevity. First of all, the title. The Move is about two moves; the one Mike is currently suffering through and the other is a recent discussion we had to move the game away from idle game tropes and give STL the unique persistence other idle games rarely follow.

As I mentioned in a previous post, Mike has been in the process of moving and the only thing more fun than moving is doing it in 100 degree heat, so that’s pretty fun. He’s mostly settled in but hasn’t had a lot of time to hit the punch list we’ve been building but he will be in the near future. The punch list covers almost everything mentioned in the aforementioned post with the exception of a new concept we’ve been throwing around recently regarding upgrades: they’re dumb and we don’t like the way they work.

Upgrades is one of the oldest systems if not the oldest system we built, which shouldn’t be surprising considering one of the defining characteristics of an idle game is an upgrade system. It was based on a simple loop: drive for cash, use cash for upgrades, drive faster to earn more cash.

While this works on a fundamental level, the problem is once you level up aka ascend, earn prestige, etc  you lose your hard-earned cash and your upgrades reset. This is very common with idle games and while it made sense in the beginning it no longer flows with the rest of the game. You maintain your parts, paints, scrap, scrapyard upgrades, badges/badge points, crates, fleet status, and everything else, but your cash and upgrades are just gone. This requires a newly leveled player to earn a few bucks all over again, stop at the truck stop, upgrade their truck, and get back on the road. It’s just not fun. It feels like a chore and losing your progress feels like a kick in the lugnuts, especially if you leveled up with millions (or billions) in your wallet.

With that in mind, we’re going to make cash and upgrades persistent. Every upgrade and cent you earn should be persistent/permanent and once we discussed the details it immediately felt like a huge improvement over the current system. We want players to feel powerful, accomplished, and like every investment or earned currency is theirs to keep and reap the rewards. With a cash/upgrade wipe every level, it’s antithetical to that goal and the one system in the game that doesn’t follow the overarching STL philosophy: winning. There’s no gas meter. Your parts don’t have durability. We put in a recycle bin instead of a trash can. Paints don’t slowly peel off your truck. Buffs are nothing but positive. Weather doesn’t slow you down. Your truck doesn’t explode every 10 minutes. Every system has a reward. Even rewards have rewards like badge points accumulated for earning badges. We put idle progression inside of idle progression with the Fleet and Scrapyard. It’s idleception. You level up and you unlock new recipes, buffs last longer, you go faster, better parts appear, your paint inventory is getting ridiculous and seriously can you just like smash some of them you’re killing our servers. But the point is all of that feels super rewarding and then all of the sudden f*ck you your upgrades are gone and you’re poor as shit. Not fun.

Granted, that means that upgrade accumulation will slow down since you’ll be keeping upgrades between levels. The trade off of course is that they’re yours forever, and your truck will never get slower even if temporarily. Upgrades will feel more valuable and worth the investment.  Cash will become a savings account instead of a temporary voucher that expires when you level up.

Anyways, updates will keep coming and the game will keep improving. Mike is even working on an offline version of the game but I probably shouldn’t have said that because it’s in its infancy and we don’t even know for sure if it’s possible and now it’s too late because my delete key is broken and Mike is mad at me I hope you’re happy.

Moving On,

Dan & Mike


Still Alive

Hi Truckers,

Happy Thursday. Let’s just talk about the pink truck in the room; yes we’re still alive and also yes we’ve been a bit inactive as of late. At least, on the surface. Last week we spent a solid 7 days playing STL from scratch to gain some perspective as a “new” player. This gave us the opportunity to experience the game as a whole, identify where it needed the most balance, and discover any sneaky bugs still incognito. Combined with player feedback and analytics especially after the squish, we had a lot to unpack.

For starters, we found that while the recent squish was incredibly effective in making the game flow at a much better/approachable pace especially for new truckers, it had a somewhat predictable negative impact on other systems; buff timers felt too short, crate loot rolls were too generous, and upgrade prices went from a click fest to a brick wall in a matter of seconds.

In addition, while collectables were reworked on our end a bug prevented us from fully testing this — but on the positive side clovers actually matter now. The fleet was a blast, but leveling up new drivers was too expensive, they leveled too slowly, and while I was expecting a crate or two on level two, I wasn’t even close. Offline progress worked as intended but with the generous 4 hour cap and squish we effectively gave people the opportunity to nap through two levels without doing anything.

You get the idea. The (very) good news is that the vast majority of issues we found in a full playthrough is just a matter of tweaking some numbers. Buff timers should increase, fleet progress should be faster and cheaper, upgrade prices should scale more smoothly, loot should be a bit less bountiful, and so on. Bugs were minor, balance was easy to identify, and overall the game felt pretty fun. With all that out of the way, here’s a (subject to change) list of what we’ll be tweaking in the next patch:

  • Reduce loot rolls
  • Fix minigame unlock bug
  • Fix scrap sync issue
  • Increase base buff timer
  • Flatten upgrade cost curve
  • Reduce offline progress cap
  • Reduce fleet level up cost
  • Reduce fleet progress req.
  • Fix collectables spawn bug
  • Reduce goal req. (collectables)
  • Reduce route cash rewards
  • Reduce scrapyard upgrade costs
  • Explore recipe sorting
  • Explore “game over” screen
  • Explore upgrade functionality

Like I said, this could change, but this is where we are. We know it’s been a bit since the last update and we appreciate your patience. While we don’t always drop personal details in the posts I should mention that Mike is currently moving and moving is literally the worst so he’s been a little preoccupied. Fortunately that gave me some time to play the hell out of STL and see what all this hype is about I mean it’s just a stupid idle RPG with a truck why does this game even exist. But since it does, we might as well try to make it a little better.

Still Alive,

Dan & Mike


Hi Truckers,

Happy Friday! This is going to be a reasonably short post (or not), but we wanted to provide the same level of transparency we always have and let you know what we’ve been up to.

While we’ve always relied on our amazing player base to provide insightful feedback (and hurt our tiny feelings), we also track user behavior to gain some insight without the feedback. This includes things like player behavior and retention. For example: “how many truckers came back after their first visit” or “how long does the average trucker play before closing their browser window” or “why did we spend two years of our lives building this f’ing thing.” Most of those can be answered by simply consulting our stats and making adjustments accordingly, especially when players don’t opt-in to share that info which is a lot more often than you might think.

But before I address the weird title of this post and dig into what we’re working on for the upcoming patch, we need to go back a little bit so forgive the exposition in advance.

As mentioned in previous posts over the literal years, finding a balance between idle and actionable is a constant struggle bus. We want the game to have longevity and appeal to the idle fanbase who rely on weeks or even months of a side hustle minimized on a task bar, but also keep the twitchy demographic looking for constant stimulation and activity happy and satiated. This is tricky, but it’s an organic balance considering Mike and I favor slightly different playstyles. I’m more likely to let Cookie Clicker idle until I’m dead, whereas Mike loses interest a lot sooner. This makes for a good dynamic given our goals even if we have to verbally punch each other in the face a few times before one of us concedes. That aside, when we introduced STL to Armor Games — we also posted this whole story — we were told verbatim “idle game feels too idle” and even a recent review we received said the same thing, although the game was still praised for what it was. Fair enough.

With that in mind we realized the bones are there, the activity of new players shows commitment, but the moment there’s a “now what” new players go from fully engaged and active to the absolute opposite, close the game, and rarely return. This is obviously a problem, so… title.

We’ve been testing a massive squish on our staging server. The initial starting route was 100 miles, which scales from there. We cut that in half to 50 and play tested. It felt better. There were more things to do and the sense of accomplishment was increased dramatically. However, it wasn’t quite enough so we almost cut it in half again and brought it to 30. This felt like a different game (in a good way). Yeah, it’s shorter, and yes you’ll get to the endless road a lot faster than previously, but it’s a better experience overall. If you haven’t seen Egoraptor’s Sequelitis episode Castlevania 1 vs Castlevania 2 this is a good philosophical comparison you can dive into here. If you’d rather not, I’ll summarize: Castlevania 1 was a master class in game design, whereas Castlevania 2 was built around the idea that longer = better. It introduced grinds, timesinks, and other things that Castlevania 1 didn’t care about, even if that meant the game was over a lot faster. This is the direction we want to go.

After we squished routes, we took another look at goals. Once you finished the starter goals and the first batch, you were left with hours to wait for the next batch. We squished that too. Goals now reset every 15 minutes and we’re working on adding more goals to the mix, but we’ll get more into that in the future.

We also looked at other things that felt like we were intentionally or unintentionally slowing down the player. One of these is the deceleration when you want to hit the Truck Stop. While Mike did an amazing job making the truck realistically slow down and stop, it’s tedious early on when you have to go from 5 power to 0 power over the course of a mile. For new truckers, this feels sluggish and tedious. That’s gone too.

Lastly, we looked at collectables; those little floaty bois you click on. One of our players commented that even after equipping clovers the frequency of collectables didn’t seem to get any better. There’s a reason for that. The way collectables currently work is this: every x seconds a collectable may or may not spawn, depending on your “luck.” You can increase this luck by equipping clovers, but it doesn’t change the frequency of the spawn. Best case scenario; a collectable always spawns once every x seconds and that timer never changes. This is being reworked: collectables will now spawn every x seconds regardless, but the x is determined by your luck. So, for example, if the slowest collectables spawn speed is 2 minutes, you can reduce this time with clovers, but a collectable will always spawn, it’s up to you and your gear as to when that happens.

We’re also balancing Fleet to be more engaging and affordable as well, and fixing a few bugs brought to our attention by the aforementioned amazing player base.

In summation, we’re working on a lot of things, but we’re going to try to get them all in the new patch coming… soon. That’s all for now. Have a nice weekend truckers!

Squish it Real Good,

Dan & Mike

New Trailer & Website

Hi Truckers,

Happy Wednesday! We’ve (finally) finished the first version of the official STL Early Access Trailer. It’s just too bad we don’t have a shiny new website to feature it on except we totally do because we also did that. Check out supertrucklife.com and revel in all its glory. Or just skip the site altogether because you’re already playing the game. Or if you want to do neither of those things you can just watch it right now:

Also, a big shout out to all of our new players. We hope you’re enjoying the (Super) Truck Life and if you’re not feel free to hurt our feelings in Discord.

We’ve got some big plans moving forward including extensive polish, tuning, and eventually a guest account so you don’t even have to log in if you’re (Super) paranoid. As mentioned in the last post, updates will be on a new schedule and by that we mean no schedule because updates will be more of a “when it’s ready” vibe. That being said, we’re counting on our players to tell us what we did right, what we did hilariously wrong, and to report any bugs or issues via discord and/or through our fancy form. All of your submissions go directly to Mike and he definitely totally told me personally that he’s excited to fix bugs instead of improving the game and adding fun things.

We’re pretty pumped for the future of STL and we’ll continue to improve the game until the end of time or until we run out of money and become homeless; whichever comes first.

Ya Bois,

Dan & Mike



Weekly Update: Weekly Update

Hi Truckers,

Happy Tuesday! That title may have confused you, but this week we’re talking about just that; the weekly update. With rare exceptions (holidays, etc) we’ve been posting every week consecutively since our first launch post in August of 2020. Yeah, 100+ posts over the course of almost 2 years. Until now, that mostly made sense. We’ve always wanted to keep our community updated on every little thing we were doing, even if it was just an announcement about how Mike and I were taking a week off because we occasionally need to leave the house.

However, as we have reached the massive milestone that is Early Access, STL is at a point where outside of the occasional bug, server maintenance, and polish there isn’t going to be all that much to talk about. On top of that, our personal schedules have changed, we’re working on a second game, and there’s still that STL trailer/website we’ve been working on for a few weeks. Lastly, there’s the whole marketing and launching the game in a finalized state that is going to need some love.

In short, there’s a lot of (good) shit going on, but STL and the blog will no longer be receiving (scheduled) weekly updates. If we happen to do something two weeks in a row that’s great, but we’re not going to commit to it is what we’re saying. Feel free to hit us up on discord with questions or suggestions and be sure to submit a report here if you find a bug so it’s added automatically to our punchlist.

Much Love,

Dan & Mike

Weekly Update: Website & Trailer

Hi Truckers,

Short update this week. No patch today because we’re still working on the website and trailer for STL so we can bring in some new truckers and make things all official and stuff. The website is nearly done, although the trailer might be a bit.

Next week we’ll be diving into release cadence and what to expect moving forward. Our schedules have changed, STL is almost ready for an EA release, and we’re slowly making progress on the second game in our arsenal. Instead of weekly updates, we’ll most likely be pushing updates as we complete them instead of a strict weekly schedule, but we’ll get into all that next time. We know STL still needs some polish and bug fixes but don’t worry, they’re on the list.

Keep on Truckin,

Dan & Mike